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AAAcontroller - The Automated Atlantis Assistant

AAAcontroller, a players tool for those who battle it out in the world of Atlantis, is available. AAA stands for Automated Atlantis Assistants and they are all controlled by the AAAcontroller. You can download the windows executable, python source and documentation zip below.

The documentation contains quick start guide and everything you need to use AAAcontroller (as well as a very useful Beginners Guide to Playing Atlantis).

Now up to - version 1.3.5 ! All the AAAs have now been adapted to use the new report parsing code - which retains a lot of Rob's work, but is much more solid and faster. It ought to now fully cope with Atlantis 4.0.10 and 5.0.0 reports (as well as 4.0.6 and 4.0.9).

AAAshell is for programmers interested in coding bots - it has the code (and some extra docs) for loading and parsing reports etc - the bot code goes in a function called 'plugin'. It is based on the 1.3 series report parsing code and includes docs for the various code sections.

Anything Else ?

YAPLP - Yet Another Python Links Page

Python Utils

Pythonutils is the home of various python modules which may be of interest to python coders. These include ConfigObj, StandOut, dateutils, randlink and CGI-News...

A great python coded anagram finder. Online version and desktop version with a lovely Tkinter GUI. Great fun - windows executable version available.

The Downloads - AAAcontroller

AAAcontroller The Windows Executable Version - v1.3.5

AAAcontroller Python Source - v1.3.5

AAAcontroller Documentation

AAAshell 1.3

So What Do They Do ?

The AAAs are (so far) :

loadandmerge         Manages the SuperReport that AAAcontroller creates. Merges all the map data from reports in a directory into the SuperReport and can output merged reports for allies (where you have various contributing factions) and can also output *just* map data for sharing with allies. The SuperReport itself can be directly imported into the various Atlantis Clients like ACB and ALH.

order_processor         A script that adds extra commands to the Atlantis ruleset. WAIT and REPEAT bring TURN/ENDTURN power (and more !) to Atlantis 4.0.6 and the ARMY commands allow you to specify groups of units to move and fight together. (@)AT allow you to issue commands to any unit when another unit (or itself) arrives at a specified location. These are particularly powerful when combined with - (@)MOVE/ADVANCE commands - which allow you to move a unit to a specified location or between several locations - it will automatically take the best route.

flag_checker         This checks and maintains the flag settings for your units - if they are innapropriate for the unit type it issues the orders to correct them. Helps you systematically decide what flags different types of units ought to have and makes it easy to change the 'type' of a single unit or the flag settings for a *whole* type... Now updated to include the spoils flag - and a new 'U' setting.

sentry_monitor         Will automatically check a large network of guarding sentries and report on unusual troop movements in their hexes. When combined with loadandmerge can check a sentry network maintained by several factions. Will ignore the troops of your friends.

diggers         Will help automate road repairs. Leave a build unit in a road, and if it falls into disrepair the digger unit will automatically repair it. You'll have to keep it replenished with money and stone yourself at the moment though - although it will perform a default action when not repairing and let you know when it's low on materials.

map_bot         Explorer units under the control of map_bot will automatically explore for you. They always head for and through the nearest patch of unexplored land, with various options to control their behaviour. Useful for building a map.

tradereport         A configurable script to produce reports on profitable trade routes across the world you've explored so far. Can output lists (ordered by distance between towns, or price difference) of every item wanted/for sale in a town - and where they can be profitably bought and sold. Will also output lists by item rather than by town.


Correct and uploaded on 29th February 2004
Comments, bug reports, and suggestions to

fuzzyman AT voidspace DOT org DOT uk
Please note, I have now ceased active development of AAAcontroller. I will still respond to bug reports though - there is a very useful and maintainable core of code here if someone is interested in taking this further.

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