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Jumbling Words for Fun and Profit

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Version : 1.0.2 10th June, 2004.

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Running on : 04:33 PM, Thursday 30 March, 2017.

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Nanagram the word jumbler is written and maintained by Fuzzyman, using Python.

In order restrict running time, Nanagram-CGI will only output the first three-hundred results. For unrestricted anagram fun, try the desktop version of Nanagram.

For a free demo version of Nanagram, visit the Voidspace Shareware Programs page.

Nanagram is a Python anagram maker. It creates anagrams by jumbling the words you give it.

It uses a 'built-in' dictionary of 17890 words. The main 'loop' that finds the anagrams is only 23 lines of code !! There is also a desktop version of Nanagram (Nanagram - Gooey) that has a much larger dictionary included with it.

The source code of Nanagram-CGI is available for use on your own website (including dictionaries and the HTML template). Visit Pythonutils Homepage which also has various other python 'snippets' of mine.

For those of you who wonder about such things - The CGI in Nanagram Sea-Gee-Eye refers to the 'Common Gateway Interface' and is the way that web-browsers and servers communicate with programs like Nanagram.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy Nanagram, if you do then you'll probably enjoy the desktop version even more.

email : fuzzyman AT voidspace DOT org DOT uk

Nanagram CGI (and it's Python source code) is available for non-commercial use by anyone who might want it, without fee. No warranty as to it's correctness, fitness for purpose or anything else is made - use at your own risk :-)
The home page for this program - where news/updates can be found - is Pythonutils Homepage. If you want to be kept up to date about changes and improvements to Nanagram-CGI then send me an e-mail, alternatively if you have any questions or comments (or bug reports) feel free to contact me - Michael Foord.
(If you let me know any places you use my scripts I can include a link back to you as examples).

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