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The Voidspace Guestbook is a Python script that allows you to easily add a customisable guestbook to any website that supports Python.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy the site and the guestbook.

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  Name : Cuir Epi

My Homepage
Location : Cuir Epi
Date : 06:02 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

Comment :
1) The Yahoo and Virtual Earth licensing terms keep them from putting the map next to a Google advertising component.

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Date : 05:57 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

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Name : Ma liste d'envies

My Homepage
Location : Ma liste d'envies
Date : 05:54 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

Comment :
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Name : kajsapreto

My Homepage
Location : CA
Date : 05:49 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

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Name : Joshua

Location : New York
Date : 05:49 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

Comment :
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Name : Featured Products

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Date : 05:41 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

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Name : About us

My Homepage
Location : About us
Date : 05:41 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

Comment :
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Name : Messengers

My Homepage
Location : Messengers
Date : 05:41 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

Comment :
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Name : Gucci Ties

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Date : 05:38 PM, Friday 29 August, 2014.

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The Voidspace Guestbook is written and maintained by Fuzzyman, using Python.

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Michael Foord

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