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Section 8 - Cool Links

Weird And Wonderful
Places to Visit

Worlds Meeting Worlds

Big Bookmark Page - All the links

A Totally Random Link From This Page

Pages of various websites and links, enter at your own risk.......

Computers, Hacking, Programming, web stuff, privacy, security and more !!

Python, Atlantibots and Programming

Lots of links on Python coding, Atlantibots and programming in general.

A few links on mp3s, artists and music

Some links covering the Play by e-mail conquest game Atlantis. Great!!

Lots of fun sites to visit.

Lots of interesting, informative and sometimes weird sites.

Pretty much what it says - Useful links.

Links to science, research, physics, evolution, space, philosophy and so on.

My Favourites
My personal selection of all these links.

A collection of religious and spiritual sites to peruse.

Books, Cyberpunk
Authors, book links, cyberpunk and so on.

Philosophy and Psychology
Sites covering the toopics of philosophy and psychology. Including biographies of influential figures from these two worlds.

Buying Stuff
Some websites I've bought stuff from or who have specs on interesting gear. Mainly for UK electronics/geeky stuff - but a good set of links. Caveat Emptor of course.

Building Trade and Landrovers
Various links related to my job in the UK building Materials trade and also a couple of links I discovered whilst researching Landrovers for a friends website.

Jesus Centre and UK Social Need
Links into UK Social Need for the Jesus Centre project in Northampton.

Packet Radio
I briefly flirted with the idea of returning to Amateur Radio and experimenting with packet radio or high powered wireless computing. Here are some of the links I found.

Cool sites