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The Big Links List

These links are now fairly old, and some of them will be out of date. For a list of my current bookmarks (over three hundred and fifty), on these subjects and more, see The Voidspace Links. It includes links on Python Programming, anime and more.

Alternatively, explore the aricles on the Voidspace Site. It has articles on Science and Technology, Spirituality, Books to Download and more.

!!Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams work Exposed!! - Bite-sized Entertainment
2002 Demoscene
Ambience by Sound
Ananova - Man uses silver dagger to 'kill' vampire mum
Art Gallery - Digital Dream Designs
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Atlantis Echelon
Atlantis_talk - atlantibot message group
BBC - h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
BBC - Horizon - Archives
BBC NEWS UK How to make a perfect cuppa
Brainwave entrainment theory, Mind Altering Brainwave Entrainment Audio Using Binaural Beat Aud
Bug Sweep, TSCM, Counterintelligence, and Technical Security
CBUB Fantasy Powers League
Cognitive Distortion - free wallpaper desktop wallpaper
Controlling Anger -- Before It Controls You
Cyberpunk Forum Life on the Superchromed Edge
Digital Space Commons
Dilbert Comic Strip Archive
Drowning in the Web
Emode Personality Test
Facts about Israel
Fuchsia Shockz - ThE FUtuR3 i5 tEmp0RaRily uNav@iLaBle, plEa5E h0Ld.
Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, El
Google Watch
Googlewhacking The Search for The One True Googlewhack
Guerrilla NewsVideo Crack The CIA
Happy Piles of Google Hacks
Headspace System - the old sound crew I hung out with a bit...
High Definition Dictionary -- cyberpunk
Human Rights Watch - Defending Human Rights Worldwide, religions
Index of -camel_-eye_candy
Internet Start
Invisible Web What it is, Why it exists, How to find it, and Its inherent ambiguity
Levitated Levitated Daily Source, the good source - fresh links daily
Mirek's Cellebration - 1-D and 2-D Cellular Automata viewer, explorer and editor by Mirek Wojto
MIT OpenCourseWare Home
Movie Archive - Public Domain
Murchison - Weird Meteorite - Not necessarily beautiful but..
National Geographic News
New Cybersoc
NSSDC Photo Gallery Nebulae
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Homelessness
Official Documents - Home
Pampers - A top site for understanding and encouraging your baby's development
Pleasure 2000
Proverbs, Precepts, Adages, Maxims & Quotations
Purity Test
Reptile Directory
Samuel's Spina BIfida Surgery In Utero
The death and return of Jon M
The Human Handbook - The Title Page
The Image Galleries
The Matrix Website
The Opte Project
The Passionate Ape
TPCN - Great Quotations (Quotes) By George Orwell To Inspire and Motivate You To Achieve Your D
Ugh!!'s Links Page
Urban Legend Zeitgeist
Venik's Aviation
Virtual Bacteria Museum
Visual Google Search
Void-Shockz Message Group
Voidspace - Websites and Worlds - The Index Page
WebCollage Exterminate All Rational Thought
Welcome to Cybertown - Civilization for the Virtual Age
What Net Cemetery
Why Nerds are Unpopular
WOMBLES Home page
World vision - Poverty latest news - Search for Quotations


All Things Atlantis Atlantis 5 - Homepage for Atlantis Development and Atlantis in General. An
Arcadia - a Atlantis PBeM-PBM game site
Arcadia Atlantis Links
Atlaclient Homepage
Atlantis Advisor
Atlantis Crystal Ball
Atlantis Echolon - The best running game of Atlantis
Atlantis Info, some interesting information from the Atlantis Game - Spoiler alert !!
Atlantis Little Helper home page
Atlantis magic tree - Atlantis Spoiler Alert - The magic System of Atlantis
Atlantis Marketplace - Community Message Board for Atlantis Echelon
Atlantis Nexus Links
Atlantis Pbem - Fanseite
Atlantis v4 Rules - The Ruleset for V4.06 and what we play to in Atlantis Echelon
atlantis_talk Message Group Discussing Atlantibots Coding and Scripts
AtlantisDev - Atlantis Development Group, working on the new version of Atlantis
Beginners Guide To Playing Atlantis - A good introduction to the game.
Index of -oidipus-tools - GM Tools
Middle Earth Atlantis
Nullius_Celestia - Atlantis Game
Olympia Play-by-Email, Similar to Atlantis.
Project Shadows
SciFi-RPGs Banner Exchange
Singularity - A Different PBeM Project Info - Atlantis Little Helper
The Atlangame Page
The Atlantis Project - The Original Homepage of Atlantis
The PBeM News Front Page
Voidspace - Websites and Worlds
Yahoo! Groups atlaclient_talk

Books - Fiction, Cyberpunk and Ebook Utilities Etc

All The Things That Are (and some that will be)
AudioBooksForFree.Com Main Home Page
Baen Free Library
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Classic Novels In 5 Minutes A Day
Comic Book Annotations & Bibliographies
eBookMall - World's Largest Selection of Quality eBooks
EPrints Links - Open Archiving Links
Fantastic Literature - science fiction books, out of print books, rare books, used paperbacks,
Free Books 5000 - Author Index - Read, Search, Download, Own 5000 Free eBook Titles
Index of -books- Sleekfreak
Internet Public Library Books
Juzzam's Ghost in the Shell Page
Key-Z Productions Home Page - Beat Authors and Pschedelic Culture
Links to Popular Titles - A book publisher !
LitKicks Literary Kicks - Beat Authors and Experimental Movements
Magick Without Tears -- Contents
Memories of the Russian Court - an online book on Romanov Russia - Chapter I
Motives for Writing  George Orwell
Nanny Oggs Cookbook...
No Maps for these Territories - William Gibson
Questia - Online Library
Romantic Stories
The Hermetic Library - Texts on Magick and so on.
The Official alt.binaries.e-book FAQ
The Online Books Page Authors - Huge Online Library of out of copyright stuff
Ubook Book Reader Download Page
Views from the Edge
Wordz Toolbar for Internet Explorer (Wordz Toolbar for IE) - 1 click access to online Dictionar -- O'Reilly Open Books Project

General Cyberpunk and Science Fiction Sites - Including Matrix Sites

33gee Sci-fi Comic
Aldous Huxley - In Defense of the Brave New World - Transhumanism, a branch of Cyberpunk.
Bitstreamnet - Some fiction and a cyberpunk site
c h a o s
Catgirl Paradise - The Chatsubo Bar for Collabarative Fiction
Cyberpunk Books - Reading List with Links
Cybersphere - Online Cyberpunk MOO
EXTROPY INSTITUTE - Cyberpunk related studies !!
futurec - Popular Cyberpunk list-serv
Matrix Essays
Metropolis - Table of Contents
Mindrap - The Becoming, this is WEIRD
NearPHuture - the homepage of a real cyberpunk
rogueindex - Some Rogue Trooper Resources
S I N D O M E - Links to the best in Online Cyberpunk
Science fiction - The Planet Of The Gods - Science Fiction - Fantasy Search Engine
Spirituality Technology Ebooks Free Downloads
The Cyberpunk Project - The Definitive Cyberpunk Resource Site
The Matrix - Links Related to the Matrix
The Matrix Official Website
The SadGeezers Guide to Cult TV Sci Fi The guide to cult sci fi shows, films, books etc.
the Scifi - The Best Sci-Fi Sites!
William Gibson Message Forum

Cyberpunk 2020 Roleplaying Resources

Cyberpunk 2020 Rules
JS's Personal Home Page Cyberpunk 2020
Neuromancer- an RPG
resources & rules

Sites Dedicated to Specific Authors

22 Solutions - Pages on Catch 22
About Neil Gaiman
Absolute Disc - A Terry Pratchett Website
Aldous Huxley - About Huxley and Links
Bibliography of H.P. Lovecraft's Fiction
C R Y P T O N O M I C O N - About Neal Stephenson
Death and Sandman Images - Pictures of Death from Neil Gaiman
Discworld - Pratchett Shop !!
Discworld A-Z
Discworld Monthly - The free newsletter about Terry Pratchett and his Discworld novels
DNA-Collected Works (Douglas Adams)
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Dreams The Terry Gilliam Fanzine
George Orwell An exhibition from the Daniel J. Leab Collection, Brown University Library
HP Lovecraft - Resources
HP Lovecraft - Some links of interest ..
HP Lovecraft Biography
HPLA - Lovecraft's Fiction - Alphabetical Order
Jeff Noon www.jeffnoon
John Shirley William Gibson On
Kerouac Speaks
KURT VONNEGUT -- The Official Website of Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut Essay Collection
KURT VONNEGUT His life & work displayed in a site called ''The Vonnegut Web''
Michael Mike's Words Mike's Messages
Nanny Oggs Cookbook... - An Extract
Neil Gaiman Visual Bibliography
Official Web Site of Jack Kerouac
Philip K. Dick life & works - biography, bibliography, quotes, photos, links, group - The web site devoted to science fiction visionary Philip K. Dick
Terry Pratchett - Bibliography
Terry Pratchett Biography
The Bruce Sterling Online Index
The Difference Dictionary - Dictionary to Terms in The Difference Engine by Gibson and Sterling
The Discworld Compendium
The Dreaming Snow, Glass, Apples - A Neil Gaiman Website
The Gaiman Archive
The H.P. Lovecraft Archive
The Infinite Matrix Bruce Sterling Schism Matrix Week 69
The L-Space Web - A Terry Pratchett - Discworld Web Site
Timothy Leary - introduction
Turtles All The Way - Under Construction - Terry Pratchetts Own Page
Vernor Vinge on the Singularity
Welcome to TerryPratchettBooks
William Gibson - His Website
William Gibson aleph - All things Gibson the official site of author Iain (aka Iain M.) Banks

Buying Stuff - Electronics - Mainly UK

- Saint Song Corp - World's Most Compact and Lightweight P4 System, Smallest desktop PC, Boxer
CD WOW! - Welcome to CD WOW!
computer components pc systems and peripherals at aria .co. uk
Computer Geeks-Welcome!!
Computer Insurance from Insure and Go
CPC - leading distributors of electronic components.
CYBER CITY Electronics Net Electronic component dealers and distributors - the UK's number 1 online retailer of IT and technology products
Discount Inkjet cartridges suitable for Epson Canon HP and Lexmark Printers -
Display Electronics- Europe's largest surplus stockist - 18,000,000 items from stock
eBay UK - Your Personal Trading Community
Eclipse Main Page
Electronic Products OnLine
Exchange Rates
Greenweld Limited
IC Master
IP Electronics
Lava Lamps London from Mathmos UK
Makro UK - Home
Maplin Electronics has over 65 stores, 12,000 products and 30 years in business!
Memory upgrades from Crucial Europe - A memory and RAM upgrade store by Crucial Technology
mini-itx - Tiny Motherboards
Misco Computer Products - Small business supply, Business computer supply, Computer products UK
nOrhTec MicroServers - Networking Out of the Box
NTKMart the revolution will be commodifed DVDs, Music and Video Games
Pocket PC e740
Proporta - PDA Accessories
Richer Sounds -The Uk’s biggest and cheapest hi-fi and home cinema retailer
RS Components and Electronics
Scan Computers International Your business partner for Office Supplies, furniture and technology.
Total Pda - pocket pc, palmtop, pda clearance warehouse - Lowest UK Prices
UK Distributors - mini PCs
Welcome to Farnell
Welcome to


- Saint Song Corp - World's Most Compact and Lightweight P4 System, Smallest desktop PC, Boxer
1&1 Voted The Best Web Host In The UK
123-Reg The Cheapest & Easiest Way to Get A Domain Name
BitTorrent - software for offering distributed downloads Conceive the world, online
Christian Jacob's Homepage
Gallery of Adobe Remedies
Howstuffworks How E-mail Works
New Media Information Systems full service agency
OK-Cancel - Geek Cartoon Understanding Network I-O From Spectator to Participant [Nov. 06, 2003]
search engine optimization online copywriting articles
Sysinternals Freeware
The Elite Club
XDA Developers forum


Amiga Emulation FAQ
AmigaDOS Online Reference Manual
Aminet - The Amiga Network
AROS Amiga® Research Operating System
AWeb Open Source project
Classic AmigaOS Emulation - A Guide for WinUAE - OSNews
Jaybee's AmigaInABox! - A help tool for setting up WinUAE
Matt Parsons AROS Page - Welcome!
Petition AmigaOS distribution and POP-PPC hardware - Home
The Elwood Homepage
The Good Old Days - Amiga
WINUAE - The Official Download Page
WinUAE Home Page - CodePoet Computing
ZiLOG Homepage

Computer Reference, News And Links

@stake Security News
Babak Memari - Extensive Computer Links
CNET - The Biggest and Best in the Computer Industry
Computer News - A service of CNET, the voice of the industry.
FILExt - The File Extension Source
Howstuffworks - How Flash Memory Works
infoAnarchy Which future do you want to live in
Internet FAQ Consortium - Geek it 'till it MHz The Open Source Development Network
The Register
The Unix Acronym List Communications Protocols-TCP Services
Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms

Free Shells .. Projekte ~ Programmieren ~ CGI-Shell - Emulating a Shell
Burdell - A Free Shell Account Available Here - Free shell accounts
Free Linux Shells with Telnet home page
Linux Community Development System - Terms of Services
Public Linux - Freeshell
Spunge.Org - Services
Super Dimensional Fortress
WebRSH - another Shell Emulator Program

Fun, Interesting and Useful

alphaWorks IBM Grid Toolbox
An Atlas of Cyberspaces - A Windows Inforamtion Site
Answers That Work - Practical Computing
Artificial Intelligence Lab
fpgaarcade - Recreating Gaming Hardware
Freedom to Tinker
Freeware MPEG Audio-Video-VideoCD Encoders
History of Analog Computing
HotPOP Home
Levitated Levitated Daily Source, the good source
On The Net Resources in Virtual Reality
The Code of the Geeks v3
Visual Google Search
Welcome to Star Bridge Systems
Wolfram Research, Inc

Hacking and Warez Etc

2600 The Hacker Quarterly Tools
Best Serials
CRACKAZOID -- software protection and online security metasearch engine
CULT OF THE DEAD COW - The Hackers and Freedom Crew
Hackers Website
Security News Portal, computer networking security hacking and virus news alerts and advisories
The Happy Hacker -- the web site computer criminals don't want you to read!
www.phrack - The Magazine of the Underground

Hardware MP3 Project

Crystalfontz Liquid Crystal Displays USB Interface LCD Modules
GiantDisc mp3 Player Project Homepage
Home-built MP3-Player
Linux MP3 Players Project Page
Matrix Orbital LCD - Liquid Crystal Display Modules
MicroOptical Products -
Milford Instruments Ltd Home Page - store
Orrick mp3 Player
Welcome to - Main Page

Linux Stuff

bochs The Open Source IA-32 Emulation Project (Home Page)
developerWorks Linux Wireless Lightweight Linux, Part 1
GNU Mirror Site
Impressing Your Friends with RPM
Just Linux
KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD
Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded Linux and Open Source Solutions
Serial Login - Chapter2(2)
The Essential Linux Command-Line
Wine Development HQ - About

mp3players and Sound

A Front-end to mpg123 running in your Emacs
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA
Aureal Sound drivers - Sourceforge
mp3blaster, a non-graphical mp3 player for UNIX
mpg123, Fast MP3 Player for Linux and UNIX systems
Perl MP3 Player
The Linux MP3-HOWTO

USB, Palm & Linux

Linux Visor USB Home
Online - Terminal Emulator
pilot-link portal page
Wireless Sync HOWTO


PDAs, Bluetooth Products and Pocket PCs from Mobile Data Direct
PPCLINK - eDictionary Reader(Best Selling Product)
Terminal Emulator - Telnet FAQ with XDA ROM Kitchen


Bev's HP Jornada 540 tips and tricks
Cerience Products
Computer Shopper
COnverting Video Files into DivX for PocketPC
eMailman(sm) -- Pocket PC - Windows CE
Home - [pm 1.6] - Pocket PC Community
iPAQ u
MochaSoft, Home of Mocha Telnet and Mocha TN3270 - TN5250 - LPD
Multimedia - Mobile Edition
Olive Tree Bible Software
Other Information on Windows CE
PDAs, Bluetooth Products and Pocket PCs from Mobile Data Direct
Pocket Doom
Pocket PC magazine
PocketMovies - it's all about portability... Your Complete Pocket PC and PDA Resource!
PocketPCcity Software
PocketTV - MPEG movie player for Pocket PC and Handheld PC
Scott's CE Applications
WIS Bar a useful Program

PocketPC - Networking

289482 - PRB PocketPC Cannot View Pages on Local Web Server
HP690-720 Net Surfing via USB, Serial and Infrared.
kbAlertz! - Knowledge Base Articles
Network Troubleshooting FAQ
Windows Pocket PC Faqs & Tips

Wireless Terminal

FutureSoft Software Store
Tera Term Home Page
Terminal Emulator - Telnet FAQ

Visor and Palm Stuff

Handspring Customer Support File page
Minijam Tools
Portable Innovation Technology Ltd. - Download
Serial Mocha PPP Connection
SM2496TNC Page - Shine Micro, Inc
TankerBob's Palm Page
WebRing hub


Palm OS Desktop Development
Palm OS Programmer's FAQ Getting Started Getting Started


Free Productivity - Visor Central
Free Sotware Tools - Visor Central
Handspring In Partnership with Handango - Software Home Page
Handspring Visor Visual QuickStart Guide, by Jeff Carlson
Memoware - Your #1 Resource for PDA Documents
Pocket Directory - Databases for the Palm OS
Visor Free Games - Visorcentral
Visor Software Downloads - Free eBooks!
Visor Village - The Complete Independent Visor Information Resource - (Handspring Visor) Stories Commentary Visor Survival - Tips and Tricks - The PalmOS Open Source Portal - Top- PalmOS Software-Games-Action

Specific Program etc

Communications - PalmPilotArchives
Harakan - Software - PalmVNC
Palmtrader Game
Phoinix by Bodo Wenzel
Phonix Gameboy emulator
TealPoint Software

Peer To Peer

FreenetProject - The Filesharing Network
Kazaa Lite - The Spyware Free Fileshare Program
Mnet - Global Virtual Filespace - another network Gnutella and the Transient Web [Mar. 22, 2001]
P2P Information Page
Slyck - File Sharing News and Info
Using the power of P2P on your Website
Welcome to

Privacy, Proxies and Security

Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
E-books Open News Servers
List of possible weaknesses in systems to circumvent Internet censorship - The OpenPGP Alliance Home Page
PGP Network Associates - Pretty Good Privacy Encryption
Privacy International - The 2003 US Big Brother Awards
proxyTools - The Best Anti-Censorship Tools
Proxytools CVS - Bleeding Edge Updates !!
Super Proxy Script - How to make distributed proxy servers by URL hashing
The GNU Privacy Guard - GnuPG

Proxy Programs and Programming

CGI Script Installer - Installing James Marshall CGI Proxy Script
cURL and libcurl - Curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporti
DeleGate Home Page - A multi-purpose protocol translating proxy server. Very powerful.
eScribe Proxy Elites Message [Proxy Elites] - The old Archive
Hell Labs Online - High Quality Proxy List
How to run a Anonymous Perl Proxy from a Shell account
Ijs Research home - Links on proxies and tunnelling. Complex.
James Marshall's Home Page
JAP -- ANONYMITY & PRIVACY - A very good anonymity and anti-censorship utility.
Java Proxy - Java Program to Access computers behind firewall, secured pipe between two compute
NTLM Proxy Stuff
socat - another command line proxy tool
TCP Reflector - Java Redirection Program
The Internet Junkbuster Home Page
TotalRc - Socks2Http
Uncommon port proxies bypassing censoring proxies; Saudi Arabia

Proxy Sites

File Renamer ProxyBuster Disable Blocking Software - Web Blocking Software Can Be Bypassed
Marzie's Toolbox WebTools, DevTools, and more!
Proxy Chaining Form - anonykid.htm Fravia's web-searching lore (¯`·.¸(¯`·.¸ Proxy ¸.·´¯)¸
SmartFilter's Greatest Evils
Start Using CGIProxy

Security Links and Sites

CCP14 Homepage - Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction - CCP14 Config Administration Informatio
COTSE-Privacy Resources
EFF Homepage
Google Directory - Computers Security Internet Privacy - L33T Sites - proxylist checking scripts n junk
SecurityFocus Corporate Site
The Scream! User Links Page


O'Reilly Network -- Developers' Hub -- web development, open source development, open and emerg The Open Source Development Network
SOSP.ORG Symposium on Operating Systems Principles
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page


Asp Overview - Brinkster
ASP.NET Web The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
CoverYourASP - by James Shaw
Five Steps to Getting Started with ASP.NET

Internet Protocols

20 Questions How the Net Works
BSD Sockets A Quick And Dirty Primer
FreeSSH - The Free Secure Shell Protocol
How to run a Anonymous Perl Proxy from a Shell account
RFC - TCP IP Tutorial
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
SOCKS Overview
TCP-IP - a searchNetworking definition - see also Transmission Control Protocol-Internet Protoc

Other Languages

NS BASIC-WindowsCE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Smalltalk A Real OO Language
Sourceforge Dialect Download
Squeak Programming Language - Documentation
The Official Euphoria Programming Page - News, Free Downloads
visual basic, vb, vbscript,Free source code for the taking. Over five million lines of programs
What's Ruby - Ruby Home Page
wxBasic Programming Language


ActiveState - ActiveState - Products - Language Distributions - ActivePerl - -PPMPackages-zips-6xx-builds-only- Packages for Activestate Perl
ASPN ActivePerl PPM
CPAN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Marty's Web My Software Beginner's Introduction to Perl [Oct. 16, 2000]
The Home Page

Tools and Libraries

CvsGui - Keeping uptodate with CVS projects
GNU Mirror Site
Jon Kirwan PC Assembly Programming-Where to Get PC Assembly Tools
Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities
Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
wxWindows Home

Programs and Downloads

3DNA - Home Page - The 3D Desktop
Agent - Newsreader Download Page
Audioedit & Files32
Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors
Doom - The Classic Game
Download win32 freeware utilities (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, m
Easy Thumbnails Software -- Free from Fookes Software - We are new and improved! - Download Games, Apps and more! - Bookmark now!!!
FlashGet (formerly JetCar) - The Best Download software for Win95-98-NT4-2000-XP
Fractal Software Links on Paul N. Lee's website
Free Agent Development Philosophy
Lavasoft - Adaware - The Anti-Spyware Program
llamasoft - Classic and Crazy Games
Marty's Web My Software
my GUI guy - PDF2HTMLgui - Dedicated to the fans and community of id Software's DOOM games
NI - BinHex Info - Another USENET encoding format (MAC)
NotepadEx - A Better Notepad
Periscope - Broken Link Checker, Anti Hacker Tool
PGP Network Associates
SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add- Project Info - Fractal Forge
Sysinternals Freeware - Information for Windows NT and Windows 2000 - NTFS for Windows 98
Text Editor - HEX Editor - HTML Editor - Programmers Editor - UltraEdit
TMPG Enc Net
Trillian - Communicate with Flexibility and Style
Tucows - Shareware and Freeware Downloads#
U Book reader and Texts Top Warez Sitez download freeware and shareware programs from the world's largest collection of
WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files
Wordz Toolbar for Internet Explorer (Wordz Toolbar for IE) - 1 click access to online Dictionar

RSS NewsFeeds
InfoWorld RSS Feeds
The EffNews RSS Reader for Windows

Web Stuff

Add Me, Free Web Site Promotion and Submission to the Search Engines for Webmaster and Small Bu
Ardguest - Free PHP guestbook script
Bare Bones Guide to HTML -- download page
Browser Statistics
color chart @ Gotomy
Denim Website Design - a tool for 'rough' website design
Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP - Domain name registration, email, website hosting, dedicated, colocated servers - Community Bulletin Boards
Features A Service of Wytheville Community College
Fluid Dynamics Software Perl CGI Scripts
Fravias Web Searching Lore
Free HTML Validators, Broken Link Checkers, Browser Compatibility Checkers (thefreecountry
FreeFind Control Center Login
ftp search engines
How do I use the Hosts File
HTML Made Really Easy
Installing Personal Web Server
Internic - Whois (beta) - anonymous weblog publishing
Java applets text scroll download java scroller applet news ticker
JavaScript City Free JavaScripts Index
Manywhere - Moblogger
Matt's Script Archive, Inc. Free Perl CGI Scripts
NominetList of Members
NukedWeb PHP Scripts SquawkBox - A free blogger script for your site
ODP++ - A web portal script HTML Tutorials & Javascript - Download PageTutor
phpBB Demo
phpdev from firepages - php , mysql , apache preconfigured for windows
Promotions & Special Offers - bCentral - Microsoft bCentral
Random Link
Robots Exclusion - the details for allowing indexing of websites
RSS Tools (RSS Info)
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
Understanding the INCLUDE directive in Server Side Include pages
Using the power of P2P on your Website
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Web based Usenet newsgroups with support for binary decoding, posting, and emailing articles
Webmonkey - Lots of Resources
Welcome To Master -- O'Reilly Open Books Project

Free Websites - Free web space provider. 100-250 Megs of free space, front page extensions,
Freeola - free UK isp, free e-mail, free domain hosting, free unlimited webspace, email, email
HyperMart Home

IRC Stuff Including CGI-IRC

CGIIRC - Web based IRC Client
IRC server list overview
The Blitzed IRC Network
The DALnet IRC Network - welcome to the undernet IRC network

Web Creation Tools and Sites

Add your URL to Google Associates Basic Links
Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library!
Free URL Redirection services
Free Web Content Science News Headlines
FreeFind Control Center Login
Freesticky An index of free web site content, free content providers and self publishing resour
Google's Free WebSearch and SiteSearch
Greymatter - The Opensource Weblog-Journal Software
Magportal Free Feed
Moreover Webmaster - News Headlines for Your Site
Mosaikum 1.0 - Aus dem Fluss der Belanglosigkeit
movabletype Software - Freeware and Shareware Download Site
OptiView GIF Wizard
Satire SatireSearch Headline Satire Powering Satire
The CGI Resource Index


.. MrWong The Pixel Grower ..
2 Flash Games - Addicting Games, Free Flash Games, AddictingGames, Addictive Shockwave Games
2000AD Online - collector zone
About Humor - What You Need to Know About Humor - Humour
Anime Manga Network Main Page
Aniverse Networks
Asciimation - Star Wars Animation
Assassin - A dream to some, a nightmare to others
BBC- Doctor Who
Broken Saints
Calvin and Hobbes at Martijn's
Cartoon Network Teen Titans
Charles Vess & Green Man Press
Contemporary ASCII
Dreamweave - Transformers Site
E D D i E i Z Z A R D . C O M Downloads
EGOSOFT - Maker of X2-The Threat
Everybody! Everybody!
Free Animated Gifs from Feebleminds.
Friends Reunited Message Board
Frontier Developments
Haunted House Info @ Caryn's Haunted Playhouse
Heresy Game - Babylon Skyhook Metroplex
Heresy Introduction
Home of the Underdogs
J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings CED Web Page
Joe Cartoon Main Page
Juzzam's Ghost in the Shell Page
Levitated Levitated Daily Source, the good source
MiGhtY BeaTniK's Pookey Toons - Where the classics come alive!
MiGhtY_BeaTniK's Pookey Toons - Ulysses 31
Official Site for Garfield and Friends
Online Comics at OnlineComics
RED MEAT . Meat Locker . non-prescription pep remedy
rogueindex - A Rogue Trooper Website
Rules for HeroQuest solo play
silence is a rhythm too - Silly Pictures
Snowflakes and Snow Crystals
Soldier Of The Lord's Home Page
Star Wars Welcome to the Official Site
Star Wars Combine Game
steakandcheese - fearing change because it's scary
Stick It In The Slot A VGG Salute to the Atari 2600
The 2000AD Links Project - faq zone
The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements
The Mud Connector
The Official E.S. Productions Website
The Onion America's Finest News SourceT
The Red Star
The Sendai Bubble - Heresy Card Index Lord of the Rings Movie News and Rumors
Virtual Bubblewrap - Pop Now! Pop bubble wrap online
Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions
Welcome to CartoonNetwork
Welcome to!
Welcome to the 419 Eater
Zapato Productions Intradimensional
ze's page - lot's of funny stuff and links


9 Chickweed Lane
B.C. - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
Freefall 00750 January 17, 2003
Go Figure
Pearls Before Swine
Rose Is Rose
Rudy Park
The Official Peanuts Website - Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Friends - Charles Schulz
Welcome to uComics featuring -- The Best Comic Site In The Universe!
Wizard of Id

Jesus Centre Project and UK Social Need

Acorn Christian Foundation - Home Page
Acorn Christian Foundation
Action in the UK « Social Action « Newfrontiers - a worldwide family of churches together on a
Awards for All - England
Awards for All - West Midlands Welcome
Child Poverty Action Group
Community Cafe
Cornerstone - A Foundation For Life
Credit Action - the national money education charity - home page
ESFNews Objectives
Grants Online - Home Page
Links to helpful sites, useful downloads and companies which can save you money
Links to Other Romanian Pages
Neighbourhood Statistics - List of Wards in Northampton
Noahs Ark Project, Ovenden, Halifax
Oasis Projects
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Homelessness
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Urban
Official Documents - Home
Poverty home page
SCCD Resource Library- Miscellaneous
Services - A
The Community Fund
The Food Poverty Projects Database
The Lighthouse Outreach


Ambience by Sound
CD WOW! - Welcome to CD WOW!
Discogs Hi Quality Free MP3 Music
Lycos Music
Music ...if you can't find it here, Fuhgeddaboudit.
Oisoft Rekords Official Home Page
powerful mp3 search engine - free mp3 downloads
silence is a rhythm too
The Wire - Music Artists Links Page
Virgin Radio better music, more of it - listen online in broadband
Welcome to Gracenote
Windows MP3 Software - Editors [MP3Machine]
world rhythms world music rhythm web (rhythm )

Packet Radio

Gateways FAQ
Internet in City over Inexpensive Wireless Links
OH3TR Ham Radio Conversion Pages
Radio Electronics Pages
Radio Licensing Centre
Radiocommunications Agency Home Page
RadioWorld Homepage
TAPR Special Interest Groups
UK Cheap Shop Search UK shopping computer & internet transceivers
Yaesu UK Radio Communications Amateur Commercial Marine Aeronautical


Personal Favourites

Access Quotations database
BuddhaNet Buddhist Information and Education Network
CoverYourASP - by James Shaw
Cyberpunk Project Jericho
Cyberpunks.Org - Technology, Privacy, Security, and the Future
Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbe
Guerrilla NewsVideo Crack The CIA
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
James Marshall's Home Page
Jesus Army Jesus People - Loving People
MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00
New Scientist Guide to the Quantum World
PhysicsWeb - homepage
proxyTools -- Something Amazing Every Day
Special Edition ROM
The C.G. Jung Page What's New -- announcements of new articles and features at the Jung Page, a
The Dreaming Snow, Glass, Apples
The Great Illusion
The Matrix Website
The Online Books Page Authors
The Vaults of Erowid
The Wire - Music Artists Links
Void-Shockz Group
Watchman Nee on the Tripartite Man
Welcome To Duke of Hell's Cyberpunk
William Gibson

Philosophy & Psychology

Access Quotations database
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Austin Osman - Sigils
Bravenet Web Services - Links Page
Jung Page Forums
LWTOCC - Wittgenstein Commentary
New Scientist - Depression and Dream Sleep
Philosophy Games
Philosophy of Mind A Functionalist Primer
Philosophy Quotes
The Anthropology of Mythology
The C.G. Jung Page What's New -- announcements of new articles and features at the Jung Page, a
The Examined Life On-Line Philosophy Journal
Wittgenstein Links and Resources

Python, Atlantibots and Programming
Voidspace - Websites and Worlds

AI, Strategy, Parsing etc

A Algorithm turorial - Pseudocode window
AIMA Python Code
Amit's Game Programming Information
Artificial Intelligence Lab
D Parser Homepage
Data Structures and Algorithms Dijkstra's Algorithm
DParser for Python Documentation
DParser for Python
Justin Heyes-Jones personal web pages - A Tutorial
PyAIML (a.k.a. Program Y) - A Python AIML Interpreter
The Clash of Civilizations - Map Generator
The Game AI Page Building Artificial Intelligence into Games


AtaTiki - Atlanti Bots
Atlantibot Project Homepage
AtlantiBOTs - the original Nexus site
Atlantis Development Message Group
Atlantis Talk - Atlantibots Message Group
PyBEM - the Python based play by email system - CVS

Atlantis Stuff

Arcadia - a Atlantis PBeM-PBM game site
Atlaclient Homepage
Atlantis Crystal Ball
Index of -oidipus-tools - GM Tools
Project Shadows
Yahoo! Groups atlaclient_talk

General Programming Tutorials and Reference

ASCII - ISO 8859-1 Table with HTML Entity Names
BigNoseBird.Com's Server Side Include Page ( SSI)
CGI Made Really Easy
color chart @
Frames Tutorials
HTML tutorial - Including Documents about WWW written or recommended by Jukka Korpela
ISO Latin 1 Character Entities and HTML Escape Sequence Table
Javascript Tutorial ... in Java by Richard G Baldwin What I Hate About Your Programming Language [May. 12, 2003]
PythonGraphicalGuiBuilders - PoundPython Wiki
User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 1
Webmonkey Reference Color Codes
Webmonkey Reference Special Characters
What we call ObjectsÞ

Official Python and Extensions Stuff

ActiveState - Experimental .NET Python Compiler
Additional Tkinter Widgets
ASPN Python
Current Python Documentation
Documentation for the Python programming language Python Software
Executive Summary - SWIG, C++ and Python interface compiler
FrontPage - wxPython Wiki
Mark Hammond's Python Extensions
Psyco - Home Page
py2exe - convert python scripts to Win32 executables
Python Extensions In C++ Using SWIG
Python HOWTO Documents
Python Imaging Library (PIL)
Python Language Website
Python Reference
ReportLab - Open Source Software
Stackless Python
Tcl-Tk Manual Pages
wxPython - Python For .NET

PocketPC Programming

Developer Tools. Pocket PC Developer Network
HHH Specification v1.1
Pocket PC Python
Programming Languages
Python 2.3 for Windows-CE downloads
Python for WinCE the old Version
PythonCE Info Page
Soft Object Technologies Inc
SuperWaba - The REAL Power of Mobile Computing - A JAva VM for PDA
Tcl 8.3 for Windows CE
Wiki for Python CEFrontPage
Wiki for Python CEinput() & raw_input() for PPC

Python Development Environments

A New Harvest of Python IDEs at
Bicycle Repair Man!
Charming Python A review of Python IDEs
Charming Python Review of Python IDEs
Ide Studio 1.9
Leo's Home Page - a programming tool
Mark Hammond's Python Extensions
Pype - Python Editor
Python Gui Builders
Python Ide
PythonEditors - PythonInfo Wiki
SpecTix 1.2a3-1.4
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
WideStudio Home page
wxGlade a GUI builder for wxWindows-wxPython

Python Resources

A proposed meta-language for use with mxTextTools
ASPN Python Cookbook Easy threading with Futures
CGI Resource Index - Programming in Python
Charming Python Updating your Python reading list, Part 3
Daily Python-URL
DCT Open Source - Python Application Framework
Deadly Bloody Serious about Python
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - faqts Computers Programming Languages Python
Guidos Weblog
Home page Richard Gruet @ free
Jeff Bauer's Persistent PCGI Page
Jeremy Hylton's Web Log
Mark Hammond's Python Extensions
mpgedit Home Page Developing Games with Python [Oct. 04, 2001] Noisy Python [Oct. 25, 2001]
Psyco - Home Page
PyGoogle [dive into mark]
Pyhtonware - Library
pyparsing -- a class library for text processing in Python
Pyrex - writing python extensions in C
Python - Boudewijn
Python Learning Foundation
Python Notes
Python Quick Reference 2.3
Python Style Guide
Python Wordfile for UltraEdit-32
Regular Expression HOWTO
Scintilla and SciTE
Snack Home Page
Sockets HOWTO Project Info - PadPaper Editor
Starship Library
The ctypes module
The Vaults of Parnassus Python Resources
The Year In Scripting Languages Lua-Perl-Python-Ruby-Tcl 2002
Tom Loredo's Python Bookmarks
Welcome to Johnny's new site!
Welcome to Py - The online Zine devoted to Python
Windows Console Driver labs Hansje's laboratory

GUI Programming

16.2 Tix -- Extension widgets for Tk
An Introduction to Tkinter
Anygui -Python
Charming Python TK programming in Python
Looking through wxWindows
Mitch's Starship Home Page Building GUI Applications with PythonCard and PyCrust [Jul. 18, 2002]
PAGE - Python GUI Generator
Pmw megawidgets
Python Imaging Library Handbook (2003 Edition)
SpecTcl GUI Builder
Tcl Developer Site
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
Tix Applications
Tix Homepage
Tix Integrated Development Environment
Tix Manual Index
Tk Revitalization Home
Tkinter Documentation
Tkinter Miscellany
Tkinter Notes
Vaults of Parnassus - Tkinter Widgets
WWW Archives-wxResource
wxDesigner Sizer Tutorial - wxPython Wiki
wxHTML for beginners

Python Books

ActiveState O'Reilly Python cookbook code samples
Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc Thinking in Python
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python
Dive Into Python
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learning with Python
Introduction to Programming using Python
Learning to program
Network Theory Ltd - official Python Manuals What's New in Python 2.3 [Mar. 27, 2003]
PyErrata PP2E Errata Page
Simon Willison Free books
Simon Willison New Python Computer Science text book
Welcome to the Python Apocrypha

Python Tutorials

17.5. Classes and objects in Python technical aspects
An Introduction to Tkinter - the standard Python GUI
BEMBRY.ORG ~ Python Work - a good Tutorial
How to Learn wxPython - wxPython Wiki
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learning with Python
Instant Hacking Learn how to program with Python
Learning to program
Objects by Design Python Link Collection
Python 201 -- (Slightly) Advanced Python Topics
Python for Beginners
Python for Newbies
Python Tutorial
wxPython for newbies

Utilities and Programming Tools

Bit Torrent - how to use, make, distribute
Innosetup - Make self installing distributions
Literate Programming
NZDL PreScript
Passware - Password Recovery Products List
PuTTY Download Page
SFTP - Windows - FileZilla
TortoiseCVS - About

Website Tools

Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
HTML Made Really Easy
The Common Gateway Interface - SPec

Science, Research

A Brief History and Philosophy of Physics
Albert Einstein Online
Artificial Life - homepage of a robotics and artificial life teacher
Astronomy Picture of the Day
BBC Hollywood Science
BBC NEWS Science-Nature
BioChipNet - The Informational Website on Bio Chip Technology Science News
Catalog Page for PIA03379
Center for Game Theory in Economics
Department of Cybernetics
Developmental Spiral programs of the U.S. Department of Energy
ESA Portal - A world first Data transmission between European satellites using laser light
EW - Easy - Intro
Fuel Cell Technology
General Science References and Resources
Glossary of Astronomy Terms - Linked to a picture of the day
Guide to Einstein's Relativity
Jung Page Forums
Links to robotic telescopes
Lycaeum Leda Taxonomy
NAS Nanotechnology Gallery
Nature science journals nature
Next exit 0.5 Million Kilometers
NSU science news from the Nature news service
Origins CERN Ideas The Higgs Boson
Origins Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Popular Science - Home
Science Blog
Science, Mysticism, and Revolutions
Scientific American Throwing Einstein for a Loop
SkyView Virtual Observatory
Snow Crystals -- Something Amazing Every Day
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Wolfram Official Web Site
The Dolan DNA Learning Center - Genes in Education
Unbounding the Future Table of Contents
Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe - Cosmology
Z Accelerator

Evolution & Genetics

- The True.Origin Archive -
Creation Research Articles
Developmental Biology ONLINE! Index Page
GTCEL - A orthogenetic and teleological theory of evolution
Human Genome Research
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
National Human Genome Research Institute Education Kit
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Popes View On Evolution
Probability of Abiogenesis FAQs
Segmental Mutation - Usenet
The Biogeographic Evidence Supporting the Pleistocene Forest Refuge Hypothesis
The Foundations of Developmental Biology
Virtual Library-Developmental Biology
Zygote - Developmental Biology


Global portal for all nanoscience and nanotechnology resources online - nanotechweb
Heisenberg - Quantum Mechanics, 1925-1927 The Uncertainty Principle
Hubble Catches Some Cosmic Fireworks
New Scientist Guide to the Quantum World
Origins CERN Ideas The Higgs Boson
PhysicsWeb - homepage
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology

Spiritual & Religious

AngelArt Gallery of Angels Online
Archetypes Kabbalah
BuddhaNet Buddhist Information Network - Worldwide Resources for Buddhism
Buddhasasana - English Section
Carl Jung and the Kundalini
Christian Rationalism (NOT Religion)
Dalai Lama
Deoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone
Dionysius the Areopagite On the Divine Names and the Mystical Theology by C.E. Rolt
Evolution-Involution of Consciousness
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900)
George Macdonald
Gnosticism - the Catholic Encyclopedia
Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness HandBook to the Void
Hermetics Library of Magical & Mystical E-Books - religious texts
Internet Infidels Discussion Forums - powered by vBulletin
Internet Sacred Text Archive Main Index
Introduction to alchemical symbolism
Introduction to Viktor Frankl
Kundalini Tantra
Links, Resources for dealing with adversity and trauma-Life Challenges
Lots of Articles, pshcology and pseudo-spiritual related.
Magick Without Tears -- Contents, By Aleister Crowley
Occultopedia An Encyclopedia of Occultism and the Unexplained
Poverty home page
Project Unicorn - A Philosopher's H(e)aven - Philosophy Online
Resources in Society Religion and Spirituality Christianity
Science, Mysticism, and Revolutions
Scientology Comparative Religion Page
Selected links that can be of use to serious anomalists Selectors
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Other Useful Information Sources
Table of Contents for Spells and Magic
The Devia Discordia
The Gnostic Society Current Schedule
The Great Illusion
The Human Handbook - The Title Page
The Hunger Site Give Food for Free to Hungry People in the World
The Names of God
The Necronomicon Anti-FAQ
The Secrets of Inner Power Library Page
The Universal Life Church - Ordained Ministers
The Vaults of Erowid
The Works of Flavius Josephus
Thelema Texts
TheologyWeb Campus - Powered by Floop’s Flooglies!
Welcome to TheologyWeb
World Vision - Poverty, together we can end it
Zodiac - Archetypes


Acorn Christian Foundation - Home Page
Acorn Christian Foundation
Bethany Christian Fellowship
CARE Home Page
Christian Corps Book Catalogue
Christian Library - Christian Friendship Directory - New
Dionysius - Divine Names
Dionysius the Areopagite Celestial Hierarchy
Dionysius the Areopagite Mystical Theology
George Macdonald
Homosexality, Lesbianism, Bisexuality, and Transgenderism - research resources on religious doc
Jesus Army Online Forum - Message Index
JOSH.ORG - The Official Web Site of the Josh McDowell Ministry
Lin Yutang
LUST & Adultery Math 5 and 19
Rapture Ready
Rational Christianity - Christian Apologetics
Sacred Space - the prayer site run by the Irish Jesuits
Spirit Soul Body
Spirit, Soul and Body - Watchman Nee
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
The Names of God
The Normal Christian Life - PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION
The Triune God refs. include Witness Lee, Watchman Nee
The Voice of the Martyrs
Tripartite Man refs. include Watchman Nee and Witness Lee
Watchman Nee - A Brief Biography - www.livingstream
Watchman Nee
Welcome to Bible and Quran Page. Hope you will enjoy your visit!! Is Quran Word of God Is there


AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Ask Oxford - Dictionary and Grammar
BBC - WebWise - The BBC's beginner's guide to the Internet
Charade's Quote Collection
CIA - The World Factbook 2002
CNET -- Technology news and business reports
Common Dreams NewsWire
Daypop - a current events-weblog-news search engine disobedience
DYC Library - Guide to the Web
eBay UK - Your Personal Trading Community
English Literature Resources, for Students Studying English Literature, The London School of Jo
Free University Essays and Dissertations - University
Friends Reunited Message Board
ftp search engines
GPRS information
HotPOP Home
Howstuffworks - Internet Encyclopedia
Internet Movie Database
Main Page - Wikipedia
MIT OpenCourseWare Home
My AvantGo
NewsNow The UK's #1 News Portal
Reuters Latest Financial News - Full News Coverage
Royal Mail's information and services portal
ScriptCrawler.Net the internet's largest script search engine
S-T Legal research, States, Search Engines, Corporation Data. Taxes. Technology
Start Using CGIProxy
The Agonist--by Sean Paul Kelley
The Gentleman's Page
The Word Spy disobedience
TX1- Free Ringtones etc
uk free stuff discounts and prizes updated daily The UK's best websites
ViaMichelin Michelin maps, itinerary, green and red guide, traffic information
Visual Google Search
Voidspace - Counter and Statistics Tracker
Webftp - Basic
Webopedia - Web Encyclopedia
Welcome to FreeLists - Free, No-hassle Mailing Lists - welcome to the world's best events at whatsonwhen
Wired News
Yahoo! Mail - The best free web-based email!


Free SMS
Lycos Mobile
Orange - the future's bright

Work (Building Trade) and Learnlandrover

4x4 Web - Land Rover, AWD, SUV, 4x4 & Off Road links page
Alternative Home And Building Construction Material Businesses in the World
ALTO - cleaners, pressure washers
ARCAT Building Material News -- Bricsnet Arcat
Architecture Web Resources
BRIX - Publications - Master Builder
Building conservation products and services A-Z
DynaComm Connectivity Series for Windows CE version 3
Floor Paint and Industrial Flooring, ACM Ltd
Google Search building material construction
JJI-Joists by James Jones and Sons Limited
Lafarge Plasterboard - products & systems
Learn Land-Rover - Bend it, Break it, Mend it
Lytag, The lightweight aggregate
personal building material methods
Richard Burbidge - flooring, real wood flooring, hardwood, timber, wooden floors
RMC Directory
Ruberoid - Building products, roofing, waterproofing, membranes, IKO, Dundee, Chesterfield
Shops & Services Index
TBS Builders Merchants We're here to help you build!
The Building Centre Homepage
The Yellow 90
Welcome to Terca - Leader in Bricks
Welding - Table of Contents
WIJMA - www.i-joist
WRAP - AggRegain

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