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Ok, so there are two issues here. First of all I know you don't want to leave Voidspace. This is a great place right - why would you need to go elsewhere ?

Secondly, with an attitude like that, you might find it hard to believe I have any friends. Laughing

This whole section of my website is dedicated to interesting links [1] that I've collected over the years. This page is a set of links to websites that are relevant to me personally.

It includes friends [2] and associates, and also links from the Jesus Army, the church I belong to.



I don't think any of my family members have personal websites - which makes me even more of an oddity I suppose. sigh




[1]Badly in need of an update, which will happen eventually. Smile
[2]If you you're a friend of mine, and want a link here - then drop me an email.

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