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Ok, so there are two issues here. First of all I know you don't want to leave Voidspace. This is a great place right - why would you need to go elsewhere ?

Secondly, with an attitude like that, you might find it hard to believe I have any friends. Laughing

This whole section of my website is dedicated to interesting links [1] that I've collected over the years. This page is a set of links to websites that are relevant to me personally.

It includes friends [2] and associates, and also links from the Jesus Army, the church I belong to.


  • Fuchsiashockz

    A tripped out, funked up, cyber-resource site. The personal site of Venturer: Justin Fleming.

  • Fuchsiashock Web Design

    The website design company that Justin runs.

  • Terry Burton

    Computer genius and general good person. The only person I know who thinks that postscript is a programming language. Razz

  • Jesus Army radical

    Blog of my friend with the weird name - Tschaka Roussel. An interesting blog in which he explores what it means to be a Jesus Army Radical. Smile

  • Awaretek

    Website of Ron Stephens - fellow Pythonista. He's a Firedrop user, and the creator of the very successful Python 411 podcasts.

  • ZephyrFalcon

    The blog of Hans Nowak, a friendly Dutch person. He is also the original author of Firedrop2 - the blog client which I use and now maintain.

  • Rob Tansley

    An old friend from waaaay back. A very clever and interesting chap. Not much on his site other than photos though.


I don't think any of my family members have personal websites - which makes me even more of an oddity I suppose. sigh

  • 4-Sight Consulting

    The safety consultancy firm. Run (well... in a partnership) by my Dad.

  • John Foord and Co

    The valuation business run by my grandfather. It's a shame he owns the domain though....


  • ResolverSystems

    This is the small company I work for (four days a week) in London as a Python programmer. We are writing a new desktop program with IronPython.

    It's a very interesting project, working with a small team of very interesting people. We programme using a test driven methodology called Extreme Programming.

  • Northampton Jesus Centre

    The Jesus Centres are a new thing for the Jesus Fellowship. They are a practical way for us to love and serve the local community.

    I work one day a week at our Northampton Jesus Centre - covering service development and community liaison.

    At Northampton we run about forty different groups and activities that reach out to all sorts of people.

  • Voidspace Shareware

    I make some money through selling Python programs that I've written.

    I also sell a few applications created by Venturer.



    The main website for the Jesus Fellowship. This is the church I belong to. It's a lively and radical church - and some of us practice living communally, in order to better dedicate our lives to God.

  • New Creation Christian Community

    One of the radical distinctives of the Jesus Fellowship is that some of us live together in community. This is inspired by the way the early church lived - as described by Acts 2 & 4.

    The Jesus Fellowship has about 2000 members across the UK. Some four hundred of these (plus children) live in community.

  • TBS Builders Merchants

    The Builders Merchants where I worked for nine and a half years. They're a small independent merchant; but give the nationals a good run for their money. We often used to win through our excellent service and friendliness. Smile

    I've worked in the Daventry depot since November 1996, and became sales manager.

  • Goodness Direct

    Goodness Foods is another community business. They've been selling health foods in the UK for many years.

    As healthy eating and organic foods have become more mainstream the supermarkets have taken on the business that used to be served by the smaller health food shops. This means the profit has largely gone.

    Goodness foods have successfully changed their business model. They now sell direct to the customer through Goodness Direct.

  • Good Timber

    This business runs on the farm where I live. They sell English and Australian hardwoods - for wood turning and furniture. Interestingly, a lot of their business comes via the internet.

  • Jesus Army in Bournemouth

    Another website by Venturer.


[1]Badly in need of an update, which will happen eventually. Smile
[2]If you you're a friend of mine, and want a link here - then drop me an email.

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