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Python, Atlantibots and Programming Links

I recently started to learn a programmming language called Python for an Atlantis related project called Atlantibots. I've greatly enjoyed learning python - it goes out of it's way to be a flexible, clear programming language. Like many people who stumble across it, I've become something of a python evangelist... oh well...

The links on this page all relate to python, Atlantibots or programming in general. This includes development environments, some HTML stuff, tools and a set of links about programming for the pocketPC platform. It's nice to be able to test my coding on my XDA... great fun.

These links are now old, and some are out of date. For more recent links on Python Programming, visit Voidspace Python Links. There are over one hundred and thirty links on Python Programming, categorised with useful tags.

Alternatively, for articles, code and whole projects, visit the Voidspace Python Pages or the Voidspace Techie Blog.

Atlantibots Home Page
Voidspace - Websites and Worlds

AI, Strategy, Parsing etc

A Algorithm turorial - Pseudocode window
AIMA Python Code
Amit's Game Programming Information
Artificial Intelligence Lab
D Parser Homepage
Data Structures and Algorithms Dijkstra's Algorithm
DIY AI - Artificial intelligence has been solved
DParser for Python Documentation
DParser for Python
Justin Heyes-Jones personal web pages - A Tutorial
PyAIML (a.k.a. Program Y) - A Python AIML Interpreter
pyparsing -- a class library for text processing in Python
The Clash of Civilizations - Map Generator
The Game AI Page Building Artificial Intelligence into Games


AtaTiki - Atlanti Bots
Atlantibot Project Homepage
AtlantiBOTs - the original Nexus site
Atlantis Development Message Group
Atlantis Talk - Atlantibots Message Group
PyBEM - the Python based play by email system - CVS

Atlantis Stuff

All Things Atlantis Atlantis 5 - Homepage for Atlantis Development and Atlantis in General. An
Arcadia - a Atlantis PBeM-PBM game site
Arcadia Atlantis
Atlaclient Homepage
Atlantis Advisor
Atlantis Crystal Ball
Atlantis Echelon - The best running game of Atlantis
Atlantis Info, some interesting information from the Atlantis Game - Spoiler alert !!
Atlantis Little Helper - Sourceforge Page
Atlantis Little Helper home page
Atlantis magic tree - Atlantis Spoiler Alert - The magic System of Atlantis
Atlantis Nexus Links
Atlantis Pbem - Fanseite
Atlantis v4 Rules - The Ruleset for V4.06 and what we play to in Atlantis Echelon
atlantis_talk Message Group Discussing Atlantibots Coding and Scripts
AtlantisDev - Atlantis Development Group, working on the new version of Atlantis
Beginners Guide To Playing Atlantis - A good introduction to the game.
Hexkit - Hexagon Game Construction Kit
Index of -oidipus-tools - GM Tools
Middle Earth Atlantis
Nullius_Celestia - Atlantis Game
Project Shadows
The Atlangame Page
The Atlantis Project - The Original Homepage of Atlantis
The PBeM News Front Page
Voidspace - Websites and Worlds
Yahoo! Groups atlaclient_talk

General Programming and HTML, CGI

.NET Framework Download
ASCII - ISO 8859-1 Table with HTML Entity Names
BigNoseBird.Com's Server Side Include Page ( SSI)
CGI Made Really Easy
color chart @
Devshed - Python - Writing CGI Programs in Python
FastCGI Persistent Applications for Your Web Server
Frames Tutorials
HTML Made Really Easy
HTML tutorial - Including Documents about WWW written or recommended by Jukka Korpela
ISO Latin 1 Character Entities and HTML Escape Sequence Table
Javascript Tutorial ... in Java by Richard G Baldwin What I Hate About Your Programming Language [May. 12, 2003]
SELFHTML 8.0 (HTML-Dateien selbst erstellen)
The Common Gateway Interface - SPec
User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 1
Webmonkey Reference Color Codes
Webmonkey Reference Special Characters
What we call ObjectsÞ

GUI Programming

16.2 Tix -- Extension widgets for Tk
An Introduction to Tkinter
Anygui -Python
Charming Python TK programming in Python
How to Learn wxPython - wxPython Wiki
Looking through wxWindows
Making a Tkinter Stay On Top
Mediator - Linking Dialogs using wxPython
Mitch's Starship Home Page Building GUI Applications with PythonCard and PyCrust [Jul. 18, 2002]
PAGE - Python GUI Generator
Pmw megawidgets
Python Imaging Library Handbook (2003 Edition)
PythonGraphicalGuiBuilders - PoundPython Wiki
SpecTcl GUI Builder
Tcl Developer Site
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
Tix Applications
Tix Homepage
Tix Integrated Development Environment
Tix Manual Index
Tk Revitalization Home
Tkinter Documentation
Tkinter Miscellany
Tkinter Notes
Tkinter tree widget using idlelib.TreeWidget
Vaults of Parnassus - Tkinter Widgets
WWW Archives-wxResource
wxDesigner Sizer Tutorial - wxPython Wiki
wxHTML for beginners
wxPython for newbies

PocketPC Programming

Developer Tools. Pocket PC Developer Network
Fann Software - Ig Editor
HHH - HandHeldHTML Specification v1.1
Mg for Win32 -Emacs Style Editor
Pocket PC Python
Programming Languages
Python 2.3 for Windows-CE downloads
Python for WinCE the old Version
PythonCE Info Page
Soft Object Technologies Inc
SuperWaba - The REAL Power of Mobile Computing - A JAva VM for PDA
Tcl 8.3 for Windows CE
Wiki for Python CEFrontPage
Wiki for Python CEinput() & raw_input() for PPC

Python Blogs, Commentary and Homepages

Anand's Python Chamber
Home page Richard Gruet @ free
Ian Bicking - Python Blog, Python Nit
Jeremy Hylton's Web Log
Python - Boudewijn
Welcome to Johnny's new site! labs Hansje's laboratory

Python Books

(the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library (Redux)
ActiveState O'Reilly Python cookbook code samples
Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc Thinking in Python
Charming Python Updating your Python reading list, Part 3
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python
Dive Into Python
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learning with Python
Introduction to Programming using Python
Learning to program
Network Theory Ltd - official Python Manuals What's New in Python 2.3 [Mar. 27, 2003]
PyErrata PP2E Errata Page
Simon Willison Free books
Simon Willison New Python Computer Science text book
Welcome to the Python Apocrypha

Python Extensions, Modules and Manuals

ActiveState - Experimental .NET Python Compiler
Additional Tkinter Widgets
ASPN Python
Current Python Documentation
Documentation for the Python programming language Python Software
Executive Summary - SWIG, C++ and Python interface compiler
FrontPage - wxPython Wiki
Mark Hammond's Python Extensions
Mark Hammond's Win32 Python Extensions
Psyco - Home Page
py2exe - convert python scripts to Win32 executables
Pyhtonware - Library
Pyrex - writing python extensions in C
Python Extensions In C++ Using SWIG
Python HOWTO Documents
Python Imaging Library (PIL)
Python Language Website
Python Quick Reference Page
Python Reference
ReportLab - Open Source Software
Stackless Python
Tcl-Tk Manual Pages
The ctypes module
wxPython - Python For .NET

Python IDEs and Development Tools

DrPython - Python Editor
A New Harvest of Python IDEs at
ActiveState Komodo IDE Python etc
Bicycle Repair Man!
Charming Python A review of Python IDEs
Charming Python Review of Python IDEs
Ide Studio 1.9
Leo's Home Page - a programming tool
Mark Hammond's Python Extensions
PAGE - Python GUI Generator
Pype - Python Editor
Python Gui Builders
Python Ide
PythonEditors - PythonInfo Wiki
PythonGraphicalGuiBuilders - EfnetPythonWiki
SpecTix 1.2a3-1.4
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
WideStudio Home page
Wing IDE by Archaeopteryx Software, Inc.
wxGlade a GUI builder for wxWindows-wxPython

Python Links and Collections

ActiveState O'Reilly Python cookbook code samples ratings review
ASPN Python
CGI Resource Index - Programming in Python
Daily Python-URL
Deadly Bloody Serious about Python
Dev Shed - Python Stuff
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - faqts Computers Programming Languages Python Python Python DevCenter
Python Learning Foundation
Starship Library
The Vaults of Parnassus Python Resources
Tom Loredo's Python Bookmarks
Useless Python!
Welcome to Py - The online Zine devoted to Python
Yet Another Python Links Page

Python Resources and Tools

A proposed meta-language for use with mxTextTools
ASPN Python Cookbook Easy threading with Futures
DCT Open Source - Python Application Framework
Divmod - Python Search Engine
Empythy - Integrating a Scripting Language for Windows
Jeff Bauer's Persistent PCGI Page
LanguageParsing - PythonInfo Wiki
Mark Hammond's Win32 Python Extensions
MozPython - embed Python in Mozilla
mpgedit Home Page
Mygale - Python News Crawler Developing Games with Python [Oct. 04, 2001] Noisy Python [Oct. 25, 2001]
PadPaper Editor - Lightweight Python Text Editor
pirate (python compiled into parrot code)
Psyco - Home Page
PyGoogle [dive into mark]
pyparsing -- a class library for text processing in Python
Python Notes -3dArtist
Python optimization tips
Python Quick Reference 2.3
Python Style Guide
Python Wordfile for UltraEdit-32
Recon - Regular Expression Test Console
Regular Expression HOWTO
Scintilla and SciTE
Simplified Exception Identification in Python
Snack Home Page - Sound Toolkit
Sockets HOWTO
TextTools - Fast Text Manipulation Tools for Python
The Atlantibots Python Utils Home Page
The New Python Types and Objects
The Year In Scripting Languages Lua-Perl-Python-Ruby-Tcl 2002
urllib2 - setting http headers
Windows Console Driver

Python Tutorials

17.5. Classes and objects in Python technical aspects
An Introduction to Tkinter - the standard Python GUI
BEMBRY.ORG ~ Python Work - a good Tutorial
How to Learn wxPython - wxPython Wiki
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learning with Python
Instant Hacking Learn how to program with Python
Learning to program (with Python)
Objects by Design Python Link Collection
Python 201 -- (Slightly) Advanced Python Topics
Python for Beginners
Python for Newbies
Python Tutorial
The New Python Types and Objects
wxPython for newbies

Utilities and Tools

AsciiDoc Home Page - documentation format
Bit Torrent - how to use, make, distribute
Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
Innosetup - Make self installing distributions
Literate Programming
NZDL PreScript
OpenSSH - nntp server for the masses
Passware - Password Recovery Products List
PuTTY Download Page
SFTP - Windows - FileZilla
TortoiseCVS - About

Total links: 270

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