The python, Atlantibots and programming section of my bookmarks page.

Python, Atlantibots and Programming Links

I recently started to learn a programmming language called Python for an Atlantis related project called Atlantibots. I've greatly enjoyed learning python - it goes out of it's way to be a flexible, clear programming language. Like many people who stumble across it, I've become something of a python evangelist... oh well...

The links on this page all relate to python, Atlantibots or programming in general. This includes development environments, some HTML stuff, tools and a set of links about programming for the pocketPC platform. It's nice to be able to test my coding on my XDA... great fun.

These links are now old, and some are out of date. For more recent links on Python Programming, visit Voidspace Python Links. There are over one hundred and thirty links on Python Programming, categorised with useful tags.

Alternatively, for articles, code and whole projects, visit the Voidspace Python Pages or the Voidspace Techie Blog.