Jesus Centre Publicity

This page is a (small) resource on publicity. It contains some information on ways to get publicity for Jesus Centre activities.

The BBC Action Team

BBC radio Northampton has a daily lunchtime community slot called the action team. They did say that they were happy to make occasional announcements about events for us.

You can email : Thom Stitt ( and The Action Team  (

Whats On Chronicle and Echo

The Chronicle and Echo publish a daily guide to events in Northampton. They feature all sorts of low key events (free of charge) and so we ought to be able to get some of our events in here. (Assuming they're not prejudiced against us Christians !).

The lady who looks after it is called Sandra Green and she works Tuesdays and Fridays 9.30am - 3.00pm. You can reach her on 01604 467052

Leaflet Drops

In the past I've been very sceptical of the effectiveness of delivering leaflets. When I was establishing Little Ark at Alliston gardens we did 2 or 3 local leaflet drops. Every time we did it we had new people coming to the group as a result.

If anyone wants help organising a local leaflet drop then contact me - Michael Foord 07740 774204 or email  mike @ pcblokes .com .

If your group (or activity) doesn't yet have a leaflet  - then contact me for details on how to get one.

Other Sources

There are also the local radio stations Classic Gold and Northants 96. I haven't yet been successful in getting hold of anyone to talk to there - but they ought to be interested in local community events.

We'd like to start some email mailing lists to keep people up to date.

If you have any other innovative ideas - please let me know.

Michael Foord

28th April 2005