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Follow my exploration of living a spiritual life and finding the kingdom at Unpolished Musings.

This section contains all sorts of silly and weird pictures - and that's just my family. The ray traced and fractal imagery are my personal favourites here.

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Computer Art

Computer Art

A set of pictures that are either computer generated or made using computers. Fractals are beautiful abstract images generated using mathematical rules. Extraordinary, and what is weirder many examples are to be found in nature too. There are some amazing ray-traced images here as well.

  • Computer Art

    Art created using computers. Pictures here are created using a variety of techniques - fractals and ray tracing being just two of the many ways that computers are used to create interesting and intriguing artwork.

  • Fractals - Numbers as Art

    Fractals are an obscure branch of mathematics. Somehow these rather odd formulae manage to yeild some of the most beautiful and strinking pictures I've ever seen. These images are all computer generated - but are they invented by humans.. or merely discovered ?

  • Ray Traced Pictures

    Ray tracing is a technique for producing ethereal pictures, based on real science. Individual rays of light are followed as they reflect off, or pass through, the objects the artist has created.


A collection of silly pictures and funny pictures. Silly pictures, come and get your lubberly silly pictures. Get 'em while they're fresh..

  • Calvin and Hobbes

    A selected few from the incorrigible tiger and his imaginery friend, Calvin.

  • Dilbert

    Anyone who has worked in an office environment will recognise the world parodied in Dilbert. Unfortunately these hilarious cartoons, by Scott Adams, are often far too close to the truth.

  • Pictures Especially for the Ladies

    A lot of this website is dedicated to subjects that are quite bloke orientated. I thought it would be nice to have at lease a corner of this website that was Especially for the Ladies.

  • Frazz the Janitor

    Frazz is the caretaker at a junior school [1]. He has an amazing empathy and understanding for the children - and also for the teachers.

    This cartoon ranks alongside Calvin and Hobbes for it's humour. Definitely a classic.

    [1]That's the English name for the sort of school he works at anyway.
  • Time to Get Inspired

    This is a set of motivational posters. It's time to get inspired ! This set of pictures have words that are relevant to almost every situation in life.

  • They Don't Get Much Sillier Than This

    This page contains exactly what it says on the can. Silly pictures and nothing but silly pictures... oh and a few optical illusions thrown in for free.

    The sad thing is, that some of these funny pics might actually be real....


Anything else that I couldn't force into the other categories.

  • MirrorMask Screenshots

    Some screenshots from the new Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean film MirrorMask

    The press release blurb promises : A dark fantasy with elements of THE DARK CRYSTAL and LABYRINTH, MIRRORMASK is a thrilling new chapter in the celebrated careers of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman. Filled with imagination and unforgettable imagery, and fully realized with the help of CGI, MIRRORMASK is a visual and psychological menagerie of dreamscapes, nightmares and otherworldly creatures.

    From the screenshots (and what I know of Neil Gaiman) the film might just live up to this promise.

  • Rogue Trooper - the Game

    These are screenshots from the Rogue Trooper computer game. This is a fantastic game by the Eidos Team.

    To see what I thought of the game, read my Review of Rogue Trooper the Game.

  • Life in Romania

    Various pictures from visits to Romania in 2004 and 2005. See also my article Life in Romania.

  • The Wonders of the Universe

    The universe is an awesome place - better than anywhere else I've ever lived. These are just a few amazing pictures from NASA - truly astounding.


These galleries are pictures of my friends and family.

  • The Foord Family in the Wild

    A gallery of pictures of the Foord family. Mainly taken from clan gatherings - so includes the full panoply of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandchildren, and so on ad infinitum...

  • Dave and Sam

    This is the gallery of my brother David, his wife Samantha, and any other family he may accumulate along the way.

  • Friends

    It may seem difficult to imagine, but some of my acquaintances I class as friends. Even more oddly, I firmly believe that some of them might think the same of me.

  • Kate and Simon

    My sister fled the covering of the Foord family name as early as possible. Oddly enough she swapped it for the family name Biddlestone, bizarre. Here are some pictures of that charming tribe.

  • Me and Delia

    A few pictures of me, or of Delia, or of me and Delia. You get the picture(s)...

  • The Wedding and Beyond

    We finally got married - and in true narcissistic style.. I've finally got round to putting some photos up. A few photos from the wedding - and a few showing life beyond marriage - the rumours are true... it does exist !!


These pictures show the diversity of life and people in my church.

I am part of a lively young Church based in Northampton, UK. We are called the Jesus Fellowship, and also known as the Jesus Army. We are a fun bunch, with many young people and a radical outlook. Through some of these photos you can get a bit of a taste of the life of our church.

  • Baptisms in the Jesus Fellowship

    Baptism is the moment when a new Christian commits himself (or herself) to God. It's a new beginning, and a washing away of the old. More than that though - it brings the Holy Spirit and the power of God.

  • Church Life - Page 1

    The first set of pictures showing life with the Jesus Fellowship.

  • Church Life - Page 2

    The second set of pictures showing life in the Jesus Fellowship.

  • Church Life - Page 3

    The third set of pictures showing life in the Jesus Fellowship.

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