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My Personal Stuff - Girlfriend and Family

These are my personal photos of friends and family. Yep I`m the good looking one *ahem*. Delia is my Romanian girlfriend who coped very well with me telling her I`d put pictures of her on the internet. The baby she's holding in one photo is Hannah my sisters kid I might add !

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Pictures of Me and Delia

Delia with Me

Me of Course

Scary Me

Delia with Neice Hannah

Pictures of Dave and Kates Families

Baby Sam

Kate and Simon
With Baby Sam

Baby Hannah

Dave and Sam
Kate is my younger sister and is married to Simon. They met at university in York and never managed to escape. They still live in York with Sam (who is no longera baby) and Hannah.

Dave is my high flying younger brother who lives with wife - fiery Sam - cat Woo - and latest but not least, baby JJ.

A Happy Baby JJ

Pictures of the Whole Foord Clan

At Grandpas Birthday

Just the Young 'Uns

My Close Family

Grandpa with Baby Sam
The two top pictures here are of the extended family - cousins aunts, uncles and so on. Don`t get together very often these days, but we grew up pretty close and its good to catch up with them all.

My close family is me, parents, siblings and spouses !! And the last one is exactly what it says it is.

Well, What Can I say

And Again

Oh Dear

TBS Counter
A Few More

Just a randomn choice of other photos. One from the counter at work, two of me and Delia being silly, one of me being silly without any help (again from work) and lastly me Delia and a friend called Marieke playing the Dutch version of Ludo. Below are three pictures of TBS Towcester - TBS is the company I work for but Towcester is the *other* depot.... but it gives you an idea of what its like. In the yard you can see some of my bricks.......

Playing Ludo

TBS Yard
With Bricks

Inside TBS

Outside TBS