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For a much more in depth introduction to hosting and interacting with dynamic languages from .NET applications see chapters 14 & 15 of IronPython in Action.

The examples that go with these articles are maintained in a subversion repository (thanks to Google Code): IronPython Examples Project Page

  • The DLR Hosting API

    An exploration of how to embed Dynamic Language Runtime engines into .NET applications (C# or VB.NET). It addresses topics like presenting an API from your application to user code, handling errors and how to interact with dynamic objects from a statically typed language.

  • The Python Powered Turtle

    A logo-like turtle that can be scripted with Python and even used as a serious system administration tool! Adding Python scripting to this simple application was only a handful of lines of code.

  • The IronPython Calculator and Evaluator

    Two simple examples of embedding IronPython in C#. A calculator that evaluates Python expressions and the 'Evaluator' that executes Python code and displays the results.

  • Custom Executable

    Creating a custom executable for a Python application with a little C#. (Currently using the IronPython 1 API - to be updated.)

  • Embedding IronPython in Silverlight

    Using IronPython to dynamically evaluate code stored as text at runtime - in a Silverlight application.

  • Embedding IronPython in IronPython

    Exploring the IronPython embedding API from Python code. It includes an example of how to set custom streams on an engine to capture standard out.

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