Python-System: .NET Libraries for Python

A Library for Porting IronPython Code to CPython

The .NET Framework


The goal of this project is to provide pure Python implementations of some of the .NET Base Class Library and other libraries. The specific goal is for me to implemet enought to get Resolver One spreadsheets, exported as code, to run under CPython. I will implement the .NET classes needed for this, but this project should be helpful for anyone wanting to run IronPython code under CPython.

You can check-out the latest version from subversion:

svn checkout python-system-read-only


I will be starting with partial implementations of Array, DateTime, Color, Point and friends (the 'low hanging fruit').

The goal is to provide a 'compatible but not necessarily complete' implementation of .NET classes. Code that is useful for other people will happily be added of course, so long as no incompatibilites are requested!

As an example, I will be starting with a partial implementation of the Array class. This will support the IronPython syntax for creating typed arrays, but will not actually implement a typed array (probably based on the list type):

array = Array[int]((1, 2, 3, 4)


  • 2008/01/28 Test framework and empty System namespace package checked in.

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