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This collection is just a few books that span what has become a massive genre. If you'd rather have a go at writing yourself, then checkout The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells (156.4Kbytes), and perhaps we'll see your name here in years to come.

Welcome to a small selection of classic Sci-Fi to download. If you think any of the authors here deserve a longer introduction, feel free to write one and mail it to me. You can find more about science fiction writers in the Fiction Section. For a wider selection of books to browse, see the Library Index Page.

Isaac Asimov

Possibly the most famous science fiction writer of all time.

Robert A. Heinlein

This prolific gentleman was one of my favourite writers when I was younger. I used to devour a book of his a day from the school library. Allegedly he had some unsavoury, right wing political opinions; yet his visions of community living in space were a great inspiration to the hippies...

Frank Herbert

Dune is a book that became an instant classic. Frank Herbert weaves a mystical tale around a dry world called Arrakis, the ducal House of Atreides, and the mysterious life prolonging substance Melange - the spice. In a universe of space travel and medieval chivalry, he has created a fantastic story. In my opinion the later books don't carry the same mythical quality, but are still a good read.

Stephen King

Not traditionally classified as a Sci-Fi writer, a lot of his writing has elements that place him squarely in this section of Voidspace.

Iain Banks

Banks is a genius. His writing can be quite mindy and complex, but he has an undoubted ability to conjure up worlds and stories. The tales of the 'Culture' are among the best of recent science fiction writing.

John Wyndham

Another author I loved as a child, particularly these two books. They were just as good when re-reading them recently. Chrysalids has a dark edge to it, but also a wonderful vision of how things could be....

Douglas Adams

A writer whose books can still make me roll around on the floor laughing. Utterly fantastic science fiction. He's managed the rare feat of a series where the later books are as good as the earlier ones.

Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse Five is a very odd book indeed. An almost psychedelic journey through the past, present, and never will be.

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