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Two Classic Beauties

Welcome to the classics section. Not all the authors here are dead, but all the books are classics. Some books are classics by virtue of quality, some by virtue of age, and some by virtue of length. Which is which, is up to you to determine. This section includes my favourites from the Beat Generation and some other of my personal favourites. For whatever reason, every book for download in this section deserves the title Classic.

Classics of Fiction
My Favourites Beat Authors
Albert Camus George Orwell
Lewis Carroll Virginia Woolf
Collection One Collection Two

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My Favourites

This is a small selection of books that I've really enjoyed. They're mainly thought provoking in one way or another.

Authors from the Beat Generation

Most of the books here are also amongst my favourites. I've read On the Road several times now.

Albert Camus

George Orwell

Lewis Carroll

Virginia Woolf

Assorted Collection Number One

Assorted Collection Number Two

The Real Ancients

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