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The Library was the greatest assemblage of magical texts anywhere in the multiverse. Thousands of volumes of occult lore weighted its shelves. It was said that, since vast amounts of magic can seriously distort the mundane world, the Library did not obey the normal rules of space and time. It was said that it went on forever. It was said that you could wander for days among the distant shelves, that there were lost tribes of research students somewhere in there, that strange things lurked in forgotten alcoves and were preyed on by other things that were even stranger. And, because magic can only loosely be bound, the Library books themselves were more than mere pulped wood and paper. Raw magic crackled from their spines, faint traceries of blue fire crawled across the bookcases and there was a sound, a papery whispering. In the silence of the night the books talked to one another.

Dewey Eat Your Heart Out
Cyberpunk Classic Sci-fi
Modern Books Real Classics
Serious Books Christian Books

Sorry. After several years of faithful service, the library is now offline. For more free books than you can eat I reccommend checking out the newsgroup alt.binaries.e-book. You will need a newsreader (I use Pan) and a newsgroup server (I use Maximum USENET).

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The Dark Side of Sci-Fi

In the eighties science fiction gained a hard edge to it, in the form of cyberpunk. A dark prophetic vision of the future where powerful corporations battled against the rights of the individual in the realms of cyberspace and beyond. William Gibson is credited with kicking off the revolution, but there are several other 'heroes of the faith'. Browse within to become an initiate in the hidden and secret worlds of cyberpunk.

The Cyberpunk Section

Classic Sci-Fi

The Best of the Best

This page has the cream of the crop. The best of science fiction since the dawn of time... well a few that appeal to me anyway.

The Classic Sci-Fi Section

Modern Books

A Selection of Good Fiction

This page offers a small selection of fiction from the last couple of centuries. Authors ranging from HP Lovecraft, to Nick Hornby, to Anne Rice.

Modern Books


The Old and the Good

Some books are classics by virtue of quality, some by virtue of age, and some by virtue of length. Which is which, is up to you to determine. In fact not all these books are ancient - this section features my favourites from the Beat Generation. For whatever reason, every book in this section deserves the title Classic.

The Classic Book Section

Serious Books

Keeping a Straight Face

These books range from the spiritual to the scientific. Books on philosophy nestle next to ancient classics and tomes of psychology. You can even help yourself from the self-help section.

Serious Books

Christian Books

Modern Mysticsm and Ancient Wisdom

This page gathers a few books with Christian themes. It includes some fiction, as well as some Classic Christian texts.

Christian Books

The Librarian was, of course, very much in favour of reading in general, but readers in particular got on his nerves. There was something, well, sacrilegious about the way they kept taking books off the shelves and wearing out the words by reading them. He liked people who loved and respected books, and the best way to do that, in the Librarian's opinion, was to leave them on the shelves where Nature intended them to be.

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