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Lukes Introduction

My name is Luke and despite what Michael says I`m not really that mad - in fact he's probably madder than me. This is my homepage to show our friends and family back in Holland pictures of Marieke, Monique and outr new baby boy - Dominic.

I am now part of a wonderful Church in England and have loads of friends there. Check out our website using the link underneath this box. We`re quite a crazy bunch and the website is full of interesting videos and music etc...

If you want to get in touch with me or Monique then click on the link below :

Email Us

Oh, and don`t forget to look at Michaels website as well. You can get to it using the big "Voidspace" banner at the bottom. Its full of weird stuff about computers and some spiritual stuff too.

The Jesus Army

The Jesus Army Website

This is the main website of our church - including the Jesus Centre charity projects, New Creation Chrisitan Community and the Multiply Church Network.

Website of the J-Generation

This is the home of the J-Generation. This is the church movement for young people, aged 15-35.

My Pictures

The Photo Gallery

Visit our photo gallery. We have pictures of a lot of our friends, our new house here in England and you can also get a taste of modern Church life. Visit by clicking on the link below. Now includes photos of Dominic.

Photo Gallery

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