When to Use a Poker Odds Software

A poker odds calculator is a software application that calculates odds and probabilities for your poker games and online poker rooms in real time. By simply linking your poker odds calculator software to your online poker room, you can find out the strength of your current hand, the number of outs you have and your rough likelihood of winning. The question becomes when such a capability will prove useful because there are a lot of different poker games that poker odds software can calculate the poker odds.

Poker Calculator Software and Free Money Games

Most online sites have free money games where you can play without risking any actual funds. Your poker calculator will probably work with free money games, but will not have much utility. With no money at risk, free money games tend to be "no fold'em" fests where everyone stays in until the end no matter how many bets or raises have occurred. In addition, this poker software, which often must be purchased for download, will have no tangible benefit to you in games where no money changes hands. You may wish to use the odds software with free money games just to see how it works, but it will serve you better if you use it for other games.

Poker Odds Calculator Software and Tournament Games

Most poker odds calculators will work for tournament games, but they do not necessarily take into account the issue of rising blinds or proximity to the cash bubble. However, you can purchase tournament odds calculator software that is designed specifically for this purpose.

Poker Odds Calculator Software and Cash Games

Cash games are idea for poker odds calculator software. Cash games are all about getting any edge you can and pressing it to the maximum degree. This is exactly what poker odds calculator software will do. It will tell you when you are likely to have an advantage so you can get your money in when it will do the most good. Poker odds calculator software wonít guarantee youíll win every hand you play, but it will help you increase your positive expectation by doing the math for you.

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