Package pythonutils :: Module configobj :: Class ConfigObjError
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Class ConfigObjError
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           Exception --+        
           StandardError --+    
      exceptions.SyntaxError --+
Known Subclasses:
ConfigspecError, DuplicateError, InterpolationError, NestingError, ParseError, RepeatSectionError

This is the base class for all errors that ConfigObj raises. It is a subclass of SyntaxError.

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  __init__(self, message='', line_number=None, line='')

Inherited from exceptions.SyntaxError: __str__

Inherited from exceptions.Exception: __getitem__

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Inherited from exceptions.SyntaxError: filename, lineno, msg, offset, print_file_and_line, text

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__init__(self, message='', line_number=None, line='')

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Overrides: exceptions.SyntaxError.__init__