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Welcome to the home of the Voidspace Python pages. Not a snake, Python is a dynamic scripting language with a beautifully clean syntax. There's lots of code here to peruse, as well as the Techie Blog which explores life from the point of view of a Pythoneer.

Python is a dynamic, object orientated, programming language. Its focus is on allowing the programmer the maximum freedom and expressiveness. Because of this it inspires a particular elegance and symmetry of coding techniques.

Because it's easy to read, it is also easy to learn. I'm finding it great fun to explore, as well as a powerful tool. Obviously it's not always the right tool for the job, or Python would be written in Python; rather than C (or Java, or C#).

In these pages you can find all my Python related stuff. This includes my Python blog and a whole host of programs, modules, articles, and more. There ought to be something here for anyone interested in Python.

I currently work for a firm called Resolver Systems. We're creating a desktop application using IronPython and Windows Forms. We use agile programming techniques, like pair programming, and it's a great place to work. Smile

You can find more information about IronPython, including a tutorial series on IronPython and Windows Forms (the .NET GUI toolkit for rich client applications) on the IronPython Pages.

A programming language is a medium of expression - Paul Graham

The programs page contains links to, and descriptions of, the handful of complete programs that I've written. This includes Nanagram the anagram maker, Dirwatcher an offline directory sync tool, and a couple of others. Some of these will be interesting even to non-programmers. The online pages for rest2web, Movable Python, and Firedrop2, can all be found here.

The modules page has links to all the python modules I've written. This includes ConfigObj which is a very useful config file parser that sneaks into most of what I do. There are several high quality modules here. Some of them deserve, and have got, their own pages. These will only be of interest to python programmers.

The recipebook contains smaller modules and useful snippets of code, including example code that goes alongside the Python articles.

In the articles section are various articles and tutorials. They are on Python and other computer related subjects. Most of them are by me, but there is also a set of links to other relevant articles on Voidspace.

The Archive is the graceful resting place for retired projects. These are modules, programs, snippets and CGI scripts that are either finished or unmaintained.

The IronPython Cookbook is a Wiki with examples of using IronPython and the .NET framework. It includes examples of fetching webpages, using databases, interoperating with Windows Media Player and Excel, and lots more.

Python is a great language for delivering web applications. Check out my CGI Homepage for the online apps and modules that I've written. There are online versions to test, and code to download. This includes a guestbook, online anagram finder, collaborative website creator, and much more.

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