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This page mentions all the people who have contributed to Movable Python, and those responsible for the extra tools and packages included.

Movable Python

Movable Python is written and maintained by Michael Foord. You can see (and download) my other Python Projects at the Voidspace Python Pages.

Movable Python is created using py2exe. py2exe was written by Thomas Heller and is maintained by Jimmy Retzlaff. Thanks to both of them, especially for their help on the py2exe mailing list.

Bruno Thoorens and Stani Michiels both contributed to the original Movable Python project. You can see a list of their contributions on the Old Changelog page.

Thanks to Brian Beck, for help with sussing out issues related to the pywin32 extensions.

Thanks to James Norden, for the Movable Python image.

Thanks to John Davenport, for the silly Python on a Stick suggestion!

Thanks to Stephen Ferg for a donation to help make Movable Python open source.

Useful suggestions have been made by Torsten Will and JimC, thanks.

Additional Tools


You can find licenses for the individual packages in the licenses folder of the distribution.

Thanks to the following people, for the additional tools included with Movable Python :

Armin Rigo for psyco - the specialising compiler. Particularly, thanks for giving me permission to include psyco in the distributions.

Mark Hammond for pywin32 and the Pythonwin IDE.

The wxPython team for their work. wxPython is the python interface to the wxWidgets graphical toolkit.

Fernando Perez for IPython. This is the most actively developed shell environment for Python. It allows access to the normal command line as well as the python environment (amongst many other goodies).

Gary Bishop for the 'readline for windows' module we include for use with IPython.

Guido Van Rossum for Python. (of course)

The docutils team for ReST and docutils - making writing documentation a lot easier.

Thomas Heller for ctypes.

Firedrop2 is written by Hans Nowak and maintained by Michael Foord.

Wax is written by Hans Nowak.

pythonutils is written by Michael Foord (me).

Ryan Kelly for PyEnchant.

amk for PyCrypto.

Fredrik Lundh the author of PIL .

I don't think I've missed anyone out. Surprised

For full details, see the distributions page.

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