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This page has some quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Movable Python.

1) How Big are the Final Distributions ?

The zip file is about twenty meg, and unpacked this weighs in at around 60meg. This is largely extension modules.

See Customising Your Distribution for ways you can reduce this size.

2) What is the minimum size of a distribution ?

A minimal distribution can be creatd by removing SPE, wxPython and all the extension modules. If you remove all the docs as well, the final size (uncompressed) is about 16 megabytes.

You can further reduce that by using UPX to compress the dlls and pyds.

3) Will it Run From USB 1.1 ?

It will run fine, although slightly slower than on a USB 2 connection.

4) Can I Use it With a Different Version of Python Installed ?

This is one of the major use cases of Movable Python. You can run files with one version of Python, without interfering at all with a different version of Python installed on the same machine.

5) Does it Work With Extension Module X ?

The answer is usually (but not always) Yes. See Customising Your Distribution for details on adding your own extension modules to your distribution.

If you do have problems, ask on the Mailing List.

6) How Compatible With Normal Python is it ?

Movable Python effectively has a normal Python interpreter embedded in it, so the answer is very compatible. For an example of a large and complex program that runs under Movable Python, see SPE the Python editor. A Movable Python user also reports running Zope 3.2 with Movable Python. Smile

There are slight differences between the environment programs run in under Movable Python. See the ISSUES Page for a list of things you should be aware of.

7) Can I Get a Python 2.1 (or earlier) Distribution ?

Movable Python is built using py2exe. If there is a version of py2exe that works with Python pre-2.2 then it's theoretically possible. There are no current plans to do this however.

8) Does Movable Python Work With Win 98 ?

Movable Python is tested and works with Windows 98. There are still some outstanding reported errors with third party extension modules.

9) Can I Use Movable Python with Web Applications

Yes. Smile

Users have reported getting Movable Python working with Zope 3, CherryPy and Twisted. There is also a page on using Movable Python with Django.

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