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Future Directions for Movable Python

This is the TODO list for Movable Python. It includes things that need to be done to improve Movable Python, and also future directions that it could go in. Not necessarily all of these will be implemented.

Some of the items have (?) at the end of them. This means we are not sure if it desirable to implement the suggestion at all. There is a constant tension between adding more flexibility (extra options) and keeping things simple. Your input is wanted; if it matters to you whether we do something or not, let us know.

For bug reports and feature requests you can either use the Mailing List or contact me directly.

There are also some ISSUES with Movable Python. They aren't necessarily bugs, but things to be aware of; lest any of them catch you out. Smile

Todo and Future Directions

  • Add an updated pytz

  • Batch files for non-Python interpreters, to implement pause

  • Support the Python 2.5 enhanced -m to Movable Python.

  • Get movpy passing (modified where appropriate) all the Python tests

  • Add a '-lo', logging off command line option to override the saved logging options when specified at the command line.

  • A python filter to log the output of non-Python files run by Movable Pythons

  • Through environment variables allow (for the normal Python interpreter) :

    • Switching on of psyco
    • Logging (select mode and file)
  • Add Python 2.5 long command line options

  • Upgrade to IPython 0.7.2 (will need pyreadline support)

  • Have movpy support more of the unsupported command line options of python as possible. (see the Command Line page.)

  • Integrate with pysvn for syncing with a Suversion server. Add a sync button to the GUI or as a menu option.

  • Support setuptools and easy_install.

  • A 'restore defaults' button for the quick launch buttons.

  • Support py2exe itself - this requires building the distribution with bundle option 4. All the pyc files are stored in the filesystem, rather than in a single zip file.

  • Check for updates from the web

GUI & Configuration Improvements

  • A modified symbol ('*') for interpreters and quick launch entries
  • Allow the console to be switched on for the IDE.
  • Single directory stored for all dialogs
  • Drag and drop
  • Add a clear recent files option
  • Add release date to about dialog
  • Make "New" and "Remove" buttons the same width in configure interpreter.
  • Bind interpreters to shift-function keys and put a note in the dialog
  • Need a highlighted rocket
  • Make IDE and '>>>' button the same height (and OK and cancel the same width - can use anchor option for positioning)
  • Integrate tile for better GUI appearance
  • Start window in a sensible location
  • Bind escape to exit in the other dialogs
  • Remember the width of main dialog on close
  • Find a help icon (for configure quick launch and interpreter dialogs)
  • Add IDE and interpreter icons
  • Allow tab traversal and enter to select buttons (especially in the YesNoSaveDialog).
  • Ask for confirm when user selects "Cancel" in Quick Launch dialog with changes
  • QuickLaunch and interpreter dialogs should use tab controls
  • Add quick launch 1-8 to menu (with names)
  • Allow arguments to the IDE command
  • Recent file list.
  • Use a monospaced font in all text entry boxes.
  • Use system size for FONT
  • "Save" as well as "Ok" (change OK to not saving) for logging and working directory ?
  • Add logging to the quick launch save file/config
  • Add hotkeys to the menus (and buttons) with underlining.
  • Allow saving and loading of different configurations ? (especially for the quick launch buttons)
  • Movable Python could auto-detect installed versions of Python instead of setting them up via the interpreters dialog.
  • Shrink down to a system tray icon and let you drop files on it.
  • Make Pmw optional (default to ordinary text entry boxes)
  • GUI support for pylab
  • Allow current working directory to apply to the quick launch buttons. (add a "Use CWD" option ?)
  • Allow Quick Launch and IDE to use current interpreter
  • Add directory and interpreter selection to Quick Launch
  • Consider plus and minus icons for Add and Remove interpreters
  • Dynamic interpreter renumbering
  • The dialogs (chooseIDE, QuickLaunch, currentDirectory etc) should be horizontally resizable
  • Get enter working in root window
  • Crash dialog for movpy (send error reports)

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