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This page charts the significant changes to Movable Python from version 1.0.0.

To see the growth of Movable Python from earlier versions, see the Old Changelog page.



Movable Python released as open source. See Movable Python Project Page.

2007/01/17 - Version 2.0.0 Final

Updated to wxPython 2.8.0, PIL 1.1.6, psyco 1.5.2, ctypes 1.0.1 and pyEnchant 1.3.0.

Fixed bug so that the documentation will launch from the menu.

2006/11/06 - Version 2.0.0 beta 2

Thanks to Schipo and Patrick Vrijlandt for bug reports, fixes and suggestions.

Updated to Python 2.4.4 and wxPython 2.7.1.

Fixed bug with pylab support.

Fixed problem with global name scope in interactive interpreter.

Everything moved out of the default namespace and moved into a module called 'movpy'.

The docs menu option will now use the local version if available.

Logfile is now closed using 'atexit' (should be closed after other 'atexit' functions finish).

Logfile is flushed after every write to keep it in sync.

A new command line option to specify the config file directory.

movpyw --config ~\movpyfiles\config

(The '~' is expanded to mean the user directory.)

Fix for grep in Pythonwin IDE.

Fix so that 'run' works in Pythonwin. (Browse button is disabled.)

This contains :

  • filename = the path to the script we are running (the executable in interactive mode)

  • filedir = the directory that script is in (None when in interactive mode)

  • movpydir = the directory of the movpy executable

  • curdir = the cwd from which we have been called

  • configdir = the directory where config files are accessed from

  • libdir = the 'lib' directory that modules/packages are contained in

  • xon = True if '-x' was passed

  • commandline != '' if '-c' was used

  • go_interactive = True if '-i' was set.

  • interactive = True if we are in an interactive session

  • interactive_mode is a function to enter interactive mode :

    interactive_mode(localvars=None, globalvars=None, IPOFF=False, argv=None)

  • movpyw = True if we are running under movpyw rather than movpy

Included manifest file in resources.

2006/09/17 - Version 2.0.0 beta 1

'Console normal' didn't work for the Python 2.5 distribution (and possibly others, although it seemed to work with Movable Python for Python 2.4). This is now fixed.

Added console handling for IronPython (if the interpreter is 'ipy.exe' or 'ipyw.exe' then the appropriate one will be used when 'Console handling Normal' is selected.)

The IPOFF (IPython off) option wasn't acknowledged when launching the interactive interpreter from the GUI.

A bug in py2exe 0.6.5 (an incompatibility with Python 2.5) would cause the interactive interpreter to exit after an exception, and possibly other problems. This is fixed.

Got rid of the error dialog in movpyw and the 'movpyw.exe.log' file.

Changed logging to 'Log Mode' in main menu.

Fixed configuration for IDE for Python 2.5 version.

Movable Python now exits with the same exit code as any script it runs.

Improvements in traceback handling.

2006/07/18 - Version 2.0.0 alpha 1

The changes in version 2 include :

  • Added menus.
  • Added logging.
  • The IDE is now configurable.
  • Pythonwin is the default IDE and bundled with Movable Python.
  • Eight configurable quick launch buttons instead of 4, with a simpler configuration dialog.
  • Improved the command line option configuration dialog.
  • The interpreter used to run files can be chosen. (Including programs other than Python interpreters.)
  • An installed version of Python can be detected and registered as an interpreter.
  • You can 'choose' files as well as launching them. These can be launched by hitting enter in the entry box. Previous files can be chosen from a drop down list.
  • Console handling - now follows .py/.pyw but can be overridden (you can force a console for '.py' files and vice-versa).
  • You can configure the working directory scripts are run in.
  • Escape bound to exit in the main GUI.
  • Calltips for icons.
  • Bound an explanation tooltip in the quick launch and interpreter dialogs to the labels
  • A nifty new about window.
  • Disabled quick launch buttons without an action.
  • Got rid of Die option.
  • initial_directory is now stored relative to movpydir rather than libdir.
  • Quick Launch file paths are stored relative to the movpydir.
  • All config files moved to a config directory.
  • A __main__ module fix, so that unittests run.
  • Fixed bug where k and koff in the config file would not be overridden by the -o option.
  • Fixed bug in save and load quick launch button configuration. (Introduced in 1.0.1)
  • Fixed bug in saving to and loading from "config.txt". (Introduced in 1.0.2)

2006/05/01 - Version 1.0.2

Now built with Python 2.4.3.

Other updated modules include :

  • pywin32 build 208
  • ctypes
  • wxPython
  • Firedrop 0.2.1
  • ConfigObj 4.3.1
  • Wax 0.3.33
  • Scripts (and customize.py) are now executed in a specific namespace, no more movpy cruft.
  • When entering interactive mode (movpy -), any additional command line arguments are passed to IPython.
  • imp.find_module has been fixed to work with modules contained in the zipfile. This fix doesn't write any temporary files, but imp.load_module has been patched to accept a StringIO instance.
  • Built in support for matplotlib interactive sessions. (movpy - pylab)
  • Verified that __future__ statements are handled correctly.
  • New look documentation and website.

2006/02/13 - Version 1.0.1

Added support for the -m command line option.

Ignores (with warnings) the unsupported Python command line options.

Error messages are now printed to sys.stderr.

Can now run '.pyc' and '.pyo' files.

customize.py now run when launching an interactive interpreter.

Renamed the function to go interactive to interactive_mode.

New variable available in customize.py. interactive, this is True if launching an interactive interpreter. This allows you to customize the environment differently for interactive sessions.

Add the lib directory (etc) to sys.path before entering interactive mode. (BUGFIX)

pywin32 extensions now import properly (even on machines that don't have them installed). (BUGFIX) Embarassed

Added the extra files for Firedrop2 Macros.

Changes for Python 2.2 compatibility. Distribution for Python 2.2 built.

2006/01/04 - Version 1.0.0

The major new release. Very Happy

Completely new method for running files. This means you can launch multiple programs from the GUI.

Lots of new libraries and tools included. Virtually all the included tools have had version upgrades since the last release.

The GUI does a lot more :

  • Version number and Python version displayed on the GUI
  • You can pass arguments to your programs
  • It remembers the last directory you ran a program from
  • You choose if launched programs have a console box or not
  • You can configure the options programs are run with
  • You can edit the default options
  • Four configurable Quick Launch buttons
  • You can launch SPE from the GUI
  • You can launch the documentation (About)
  • You can launch an interpreter console
  • You can close the GUI without having to launch a program or go to the interpreter

The following (command line) options are new :

  • f - run script in it's directory
  • b - pause after running script
  • o - override default options
  • die - get rid of GUI after running
  • k - run with console from movpyw
  • koff - run without console from movpy

Complete documentation rewrite.

Docs are now built with rest2web.

movpyw.exe is now included in the Python 2.2 distribution.

Bug fixed where first command line argument to your program was always lost.

Bug fixed so that IPOFF actually works now.

Bug fixed so that -p in config.txt now works. Embarassed

Lots of other minor changes and improvements. Smile

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