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IDLE on a Stick

Movable IDLE is a portable version of IDLE, the Python IDE that comes with Python. It is built with Python 2.4.3, and has the full Python standard library. This means that it should run most Python programs.

It does lack most of the features of Movable Python, including the GUI launcher and some of the trickery. It should still be useful for educational purposes and experimenting with.

Like Movable Python, it easily fits on a USB stick or memory card.


Movable IDLE can be downloaded from :

Movable IDLE Download

Here you can also download the free trial version of Movable Python. If you like or appreciate Movable IDLE, please purchase Movable Python.

Movable IDLE comes as a single zip file, which is about six megabytes compressed. Uncompressed it is fifteen megabytes.


Movable IDLE will run almost every program that can be run from IDLE. It does not have all the clever trickery that Movable Python does. This means that the win32 extensions, or any program that uses imp.find_module are unlikely to work. It also won't work with programs that have another event loop, like other GUI toolkits.

If you need these features, try Movable Python. Smile

On the other hand, if you do find bugs or restrictions, post them to the Movable Python Mailing List and it may be possible to fix them.


Movable IDLE is copyright Michael Foord, 2006.

You are free to copy and distribute Movable IDLE, but not to charge for it. It may not be included in any distribution which charges directly or indirectly, without express permission.

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