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Changelog for Early Versions of Movable Python

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This is the changelog for the early versions of Movable Python. It shows the development of Movable Python from an interesting experiment, into a useful tool. More details on the people involved can be found in CREDITS.


2005/03/28 Version 0.4.7

No longer print tracebacks for sys.exit.

SPE 0.7.3 is now used.

IPython 0.6.12

2005/02/07 Version 0.4.6

Movpy Icon and image added by Aidan Ashby - www.nebulae.org.uk

We use exec rather than eval (which shouldn't be used with multiple statement code objects).

IPython isn't called if -p is on, psyco and IPython don't play well together.

IPython won't be called if psyco.full() has been called in your script.

Fixed a bug in Python 2.2 support - exclude_modules now works !

Forced package import for encodings. SPE now works with python 2.2 - but still 'experimental'.

Icon is now used in python 2.2

The pre-built environments use newer versions of readline, IPython, and SPE.

2005/01/17 Version 0.4.5

Make sure multi-line statements we compile terminate in '\n'. (Fixes a bug when run in Python 2.2)

Removed the 'module_extensions' keyword.

Added logging using StandOut and the 'logfile' keyword.

Module exclusion now works with py2exe.

Added the optimize and compressed keywords. (not relevant to Python 2.2)

Fixed sys.winver.

Added the 'build_full' and removed the 'include_dirs' keywords (greatly simplified the 'search path' code in PyDistFreeze.py).

Identified problems with pywin32 with help from Brian Beck (del sys.frozen sometimes useful !).

Added code to build environments with win32com - see http://starship.python.net/crew/theller/moin.cgi/WinShell

The 'lib/' directory is now in sys.path when entering interactive mode immediately (bug spotted by Bruno).

Distribution description includes the version of python.

2005/01/02 Version 0.4.4

When not using IPython, interactive() will find locals() for itself. (Meaning interactive() can be called in user scripts).

Added the 'manuals' folder to the distribution.

Added the -p command line option, to switch on psyco.

Switched to using compile/eval rather than exec/execfile. (Better for psyco and more meaningful error messages)

A fix so that errors will report the right line number with '-x'.

Changed config file to include winsound and unicodedata.

Modifications to PyDistFreeze.py and movpy.py to make them compatible with python 2.2.

A built in 'setup.py' for python 2.2. (can now autobuild distributions on python 2.2)

IPython should now work on machines that don't have it installed ! (ipythondir is now set and config file supplied)

If you don't select a file from the GUI, it now drops into interactive mode.

Can supply path to config.txt in command line to PyDistFreeze.py

Tweaked the directory finding function - which finds directories we will search.

Fixed it so that movpyw doesn't generate error logs with '-' if launched from GUI with no file.

IDLE now works, so added idle.bat.

2004/12/31 Version 0.4.3

Support for IPython as alternative interactive shell.

External config file ('config.txt' in 'lib/' directory) - for setting default command line options.

Added 'credits' and 'copyrights' as builtins (for IPython).

2004/12/29 Version 0.4.2

Added support for command line arguments -h, -V, -u, -i, -x, -, -c (hey that's a lot for one evening !)

The main script 'movpy.py' is now kept in an external file.

'include_modules' now supports sub-packages.

Added back support for encodings.

packagepaths.pth added for sub-package support with 'include_packages'.

2004/12/28 Version 0.4.1

Lots of changes , they include :

  • addition of customize.py
  • addition of syspaths.pth
  • Cleans up intermediate files.
  • Copies packages properly
  • Only copies the microsoft Visual C 7 dlls if built with Python 2.4
  • Addition of unicows dll is optional
  • Addition of spe.bat
  • Builds the windows version - movpyw.exe
  • Added the manifest files
  • Added the build option

2004/12/19 Version 0.4

Some additions by Bruno Thoorens. They include :

  • Lightweight GUI frontend added to movpy.exe
  • setup.py incorporated into main script - name changes to PyDistFreeze.py
  • Icon added

2004/12/18 Version 0.3

More work with Stani.

  • '.pth' files now supported
  • Importing from '.pyc' etc. as well as straight '.py' files
  • Added external config file, using ConfigObj

2004/12/17 Version 0.2

Renamed 'Movable Python'. (Executable is 'movpy.exe')

Cleaned up a lot - now imports subpackages properly.

Thanks to Stani of SPE for encouragement and suggestions. (including the name)

2004/12/14 Version 0.1

Test version called 'testenv' - Python test environment.

Works better than expected.

Thanks to Bruno Thoorens and Stani for help and debugging.

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