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Choosing an IDE

The Movable Python GUI has a shiny big button marked IDE on it. This launches an IDE [1]. Smile

The default IDE which comes with Movable Python is Pythonwin [2].

Configuring an IDE

Choosing an IDE

You can configure which IDE is launched through the Choose IDE menu option. For example you can download SPE for Movable Python from the Movable Python Extra Files page. Other IDEs, like Ulipad will probably work with Movable Python.

The choose IDE dialog allows you to select a file to be used as the IDE (Python file, executable or batch file) and any arguments to be passed to it.

If the IDE is a Python file it will be launched without a console. You currently can't configure things like the directory that the script is run in.

[1]The IDE is always launched with the default interpreter for the version of Movable Python that you are running.
[2]Currently there is a minor incompatibility between Movable Python and Pythonwin. The 'browse' button on the 'Run' dialog has been disabled.

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