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The Movable Python GUI

Movable Python, as well as being a portable version of Python, has a lot of functionality built into it. Some of this functionality is exposed via the command line, but a lot of it is only relevant from the GUI.

To use Movable Python, double click on movpy.exe or movpyw.exe. This will launch the GUI.


Movable Python does not need installing.

To use, unzip the folder and go to the movpy folder. It can be run from any folder, including a USB memory stick or flash card.

This page covers the major elements of the GUI, and point to the relevant pages for features which merit further explanation. Smile

Script Controls

The Script Controls

The first row of controls on the GUI are directly related to choosing and launching scripts.


This button brings up a file dialog to select a script. It will be run immediately on selection.


This text box takes a path to a script, relative to the Movable Python directory. It is also a drop-down list containing previous scripts.

Folder Icon

This icon brings up a file dialog to choose a script. The path to the file you choose will be placed in the script text box.

Green Arrow

This will run the file in the script text box.

Options and Args

The Options and Arguments


This brings up the full options dialog. These configure the options that scripts are run with, most of these equate to command line options.


Anything you put in this text box will be passed to scripts you run as command line arguments.


These check boxes allow you to easily set and unset the most commonly used options.

These are :

  • f

    Force script to run in its own directory, rather than the current directory.

  • p

    Run scripts with psyco enabled.

  • b

    Pause (break) after running scripts. (For non-Movable Python interpreters this will cause them to be run in a command console which drops down to the console after running.)

  • i

    Enter an interactive interpreter session when the program exits.

Quick Launch Buttons

The Quick Launch Buttons

Movable Python provides eight quick launch buttons. These allow you to configure programs that you use frequently to be launched with a single push of a button (including setting options and passing command line arguments).

These can be setup through the Quick Launch Dialog.

IDE and Interactive Interpreter

The IDE and Interactive Interpreter Buttons

These two buttons launch an interactive interpreter session or an IDE.


Clicking on the button marked >>> will launch an interactive interpreter session for the currently selected interpreter.

By default Movable Python uses IPython for the interactive interpreter. You can switch this off with the IPOFF option.


The Pythonwin IDE

Movable Python comes with the pythonwin IDE.

You can use the IDE dialog to configure which program is launched by the IDE button.

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