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Movable Python and Multiple Interpreters

Configuring Interpreters

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Multiple Interpreters

Movable Python can be configured to use several different interpreters. You can configure Movable Python to use any executable program as an interpreter. This includes installed versions of Python, IronPython, or any other program.

Having configured your interpreters, you select the interpreter you want to use from the drop down list in the Interpreter menu.

The selected interpreter will be used to launch all programs. This means that Movable Python can act as a GUI front end for any program.

The '>>>' button will launch the interactive interpreter for the selected interpreter.

Currently the interpreter selection is not used for programs launched using the Quick Launch buttons or for the IDE button.


When running programs, Movable Python can use the right executable for your console options for Movable Python interpreters, Python interpreters and IronPython.

For Movable Python the executables movpy.exe and movpyw.exe must be in the same directory.

For IronPython the executables ipy.exe and ipyw.exe must be in the same directory.

For Movable Python and normal Python interpreters, Movable Python knows which options it can use. For example, for Python the command line option -i, -x and -u are valid. -f and -b are used for all interpreters.

Configuring Interpreters

Configure Interpreters

To configure new interpreters with Movable Python, or edit existing ones, select the Configure -> Interpreters menu option. This brings up the configure dialog show above.

Click on New to create a new interpreter entry, or select a radio button from the left to edit an existing entry.

You can then choose an executable or batch file to be the new interpreter. You can even choose a Python script to be an interpreter. This allows you to use scripts like code quality tools, which take a filename as their argument, as Movable Python 'interpreters'. Python files setup as interpreters will be run with the default interpreter.

If your interpreter executable needs command line arguments before the filename, you can do this using quotes in the 'Executable' text box :

"C:\Path\executable.exe" arg1 arg2

(Quotes are not needed just because a path has spaces in it. Movable Python will handle this.)

Having edited an entry you must save it, using Save Entry in order to preserve your changes.

The Register button is used to setup an installed version of Python as an interpreter, see below.

Using Installed Python

Register an Installed Python

Movable Python can detect installed versions of Python and register them as interpreters.

  • Create a new entry
  • Click the Register button
  • Select the installed Python to register
  • Click Ok
  • Save the entry


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