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Configure Logging.

Movable Python can log the output of all Python programs it runs. Any output on standard output and standard error can be logged, so long as they use the normal Python streams.

Setting the Log Mode

Movable Python has three logging modes, chosen from the Log Mode menu option.

  1. Logging Off - No logging
  2. Logmode Write - Create a new file for each logging operation (overwrite any existing file)
  3. Logmode Append - Append new log to existing file rather than overwriting

Configuring Logging

You set the log file location (and can also change the log mode) from dialog launched by the Configure -> Logging menu option.

You can choose an individual file or use special values in the path to indicate the file to be used for logging. You can use this to create a new logfile (or directory) per file that you run or have files created by time or date (this means that you can create a new log file per file run, or a log directory per day).

If the directory specified does not exist, Movable Python will attempt to create it.

The following values will automatically be replaced in the path :

{DATE} - The current date, in numerical format. E.g. 20061127 meaning 27th November 2006
{TIME} - The current time, in numerical format. E.g. 005125 meaning 12.51 AM and 25 seconds
{FILE} - The filename (not the full path) of the file run

The default log directory is lib/config/logs/. The default log file path is :


This creates log files with filenames that look like :


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