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The Menus

Movable Python has various menu options. Some of these correspond to controls on the GUI, or launch dialogs to access further functionality.

For an overview of Movable Python, with links to the documentation on all the difference features, see the Manual Index Page.



Choose a file and put the path in the 'Script:' textbox. This option is the same as using the launch button from the GUI.


Choose a file and launch it (using the options that are currently set). This is the same as selecting the folder icon from the GUI.


Guess. Smile



Launch the dialog to configure the options that files are launched with.

This allows you to control things like whether psyco is enabled, whether scripts are run in their own directory and control whether scripts are run with a console or not.

Current Directory

This chooses the directory that scripts are run in. Usually you will want them run in the current directory, or run in the directory they live in.

Sometimes, for command line tools etc, you need to be able to specify the directory it is run in. If you need more details, they can be found on the Current Directory Page.

Choose IDE

This allows you to specify which program is launched when you select the IDE button. See the IDE page.

Quick Launch

This brings up the dialog that allows you to configure which programs are launched by your eight Quick Launch buttons, and what options they are run with.


This menu option allows you to configure which interpreters are available in the interpreter menu.

See the Interpreters page for details of how to set this up.

These interpreters can be other Movable Python interpreters, any executable or batch file or even a Python script. This dialog can also detect installed versions of Python, allowing you to use Movable Python to launch programs with your normal Python installation.


Movable Python can log the output of all programs it runs. This dialog configures the way this works (create a new file each time, append to an existing file etc). See the Logging page for more details.


This menu option is a three way 'radio' selection. It allows you to choose whether programs are launched with a console or not. (This can also be configured through the Options Dialog.

The three choices are :

  • Normal

    This will use a console for '.py' files, and no console for '.pyw' files. This works for Movable Python interpreters, normal Python installations and also the IronPython interpreters.

  • Console On

    A console will always be used.

  • Console Off

    Scripts will always be launched without a console.


This menu allows you to choose from all the interpreters you have configured. See the Interpreters Page for details of how to do this.

The 'default' option is always the Movable Python version that is currently running.

The selected interpreter will be used to run scripts and when you hit the interactive interpreter (>>>) button. It won't (currently) be used with your quick launch buttons or the IDE.

Log Mode

This is another radio menu, this time for configuring the log mode. You specify the logfile via the logging dialog. Using special values in the path, you can create a log into a new file (or directory) based on the time or the name of the file being run.

The three settings are :

  • Logging Off

    No logging.

  • Logmode Write

    Create a new logfile every time (overwriting an existing one if necessary).

  • Logmode Append

    Append to the logfile if it already exists.


This menu takes you to various web locations relevant to Movable Python. It ought to use the local documentation, from the filesystem, if it is available.

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