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The Movable Python Quick Launch System


Quick Launch Buttons

The Quick Launch buttons allow you to setup eight programs that can be launched with the single press of a button.

You can also launch the programs with the corresponding function keys F1-8.

You can configure which programs are launched, command line arguments and the options they are run with, through the Configure -> Quick Launch menu option.

Whenever you run movpy, your saved options are loaded.

Programs run from the Quick Launch buttons are always run with the default interpreter.

Buttons which don't have a program associated with them are disabled.

Configuring Quick Launch

Configuring Quick Launch

The eight radio buttons down the side choose which quick launch button you are editing.

The name is the tooltip that will be displayed when the mouse hovers over the button.

The file is the path to the program to be launched, relative to the movpy directory. The program can be a Python file, a batch file or any executable.

The option checkboxes are the normal Movable Python options (and the console radio buttons).

The extra one is Use Args. If checked then the quick launch button will be passed the command line arguments you enter in the Args textbox.

If it isn't checked, when the quick launch button is activated the arguments from the Args textbox in the main GUI will be used.

If you want to pass extra command line arguments always as well as the ones from the Args textbox, you can you can do this using quotes in the 'File' text box :

"C:\Path\executable.exe" arg1 arg2

After editing the settings for a quick launch button you have to save the settings.

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