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Second Post With Firedrop

Ok... so this post is strictly unnecessary, but that's the point of blogging about blogging, right ? It's totally unnecessary, your navel gazing at its navel !

Sometimes I wonder if it isn't the same with the whole technology thing, most of the programs I end up writing are to help me write programs ! Some of them are actually useful, e.g. Victory Days and Nanagram [1], but not enough of them.

Anyway Enough of That

It would be nice to add the email blog facility of Blogger. That could email a specified address when you made a new post, which would be nice. There are a few other things I'd like to add to firedrop, I need to keep a log (blog ?) of them somewhere. Firedrop is so nicely integrated with Python that a lot can be added using Macros and templating, without having to hack firedrop itself.

Modification next on the wish list, is an optional spell checker. There have been at least two interesting libraries mentioned recently that I might have to explore. My spelling/typing is so atrocious that it's virtually essential.

[1]To be fair, claiming that Nanagram is useful is maybe stretching it. It's certainly great fun though.

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First Blog With Firedrop

Hello Firedrop

This is my first blog with firedrop. Rather than explain what firedrop is I will simply nick something written by a gentleman called Ron Stephens


  1. Firedrop2 is for client side blog creation. Its nice to have a tool that is specifically for those of us without our own server.
  2. It is written in Python, is open source, and is extendible and customisable in Python.
  3. It allows easy creation and sorting of posts by categories, and automatically creates and maintains archives.
  4. It automatically creates RSS feeds.

While numbers 3 and 4 above may be typical of almost all blog tools these days, and number one defines the field of client side blogging tools, it is number 2, the ability to easily customise and extend Firedrop2 using Python that is most important.

As a content management system, Firedrop2 is easy and simple to use:

  1. It allows easy creation of new web pages.
  2. It cleanly separates content from presentation.
  3. The presentation is done using CSS and page templates.
  4. It is easy to maintain backups and archive change histories.
  5. It is extensible and customisable in Python.


In practise I find firedrop similar to blogger to use. It has several advantages for me.

  • The blogger website is blocked at work so I can't access it
  • Firedrop saves everything clientside for editing offline
  • It's written in python, so...
  • I've already hacked it to allow posts in reST [1] :-)

It seems to have an interesting combination of macros, to allow your posts to be processed before turning them into html, and code within your HTML pages. All very interesting. Firedrop itself is available from It seems mainly targeted at python programmers, but is a very nice tool.

The whole point though, is that it ought to make it easier for me to blog.

[1]reST is the text markup used by docutils. It's a very relaxed, but flexible, markup.

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