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CSS Layout

I think I've fixed my weird CSS layout problem with the <script src=".... tag. It was pushing my whole sidebar down in firefox. I had to wrap the main body of my page in an extra div. Most annoying as using XHTML/CSS is supposed to reduce extraneous markup. Now all I need is to get IE to honour my sidebar width...

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-02-14 23:43:07 | |




A nice new update to ConfigObj. A few bugfixes and several nice new features - entries can be split over several lines, merged in the change by Wayne Wiitanen, and initial and final comments are preserved and written out again. I nearly unicoded it as well - but this will have to wait for next time.

I'm very pleased with this set of changes... I think ConfigObj is great and end up using it in almost every project, it's a shame not more people have cottoned onto it. *sigh*

I hope to announce updates to approx, approxClientproxy, and downman shortly as well. The GUI for movpy is getting their as well - just debating with Bruno the best way of including packages ! Busy, busy, busy...

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-02-14 23:38:38 | |

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