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Would You Believe It ?

Sad I tested my new guestbook and it worked fine (under python 2.4). Under Python 2.3, unicode objects don't have a decode method - so it burns out when you try to post a message. Fiddlesticks and other heck like words.

(Guess which version of Python is installed on the Voidspace server... ?)

Quick repair in process........

repair done - fixed an incompatibility with Python 2.2 as well. Embarrassing bug fix release and announcement on comp.lang.python.announce to follow shortly.

Hmmm.... by the way, if you wonder why this blog only has geeky, techie stuff.. it's because I'm a geek... oops - I mean it's because it's my Techie Blog. I realise that most of my Techie visitors won't visit my Non Techie Blog [1], but the alternative is to force my non-techie visitors to wade through my geeky waffle. Hmmm.. this probably makes this blog a bit more sterile than it need be, but such is life.

[1]and thereby miss out a great deal Laughing

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Quote of the Day

Yes, such toys are ''unprofessional.'' I wear my unprofessionalism as a badge of honor. Professionalism has no place in art, and hacking is art. Software Engineering might be science; but that's not what I do. I'm a hacker, not an engineer.

In actual fact it's 'quote of the day' from some time in 1998. It's by jwz from the original Netscape team [1], on adding easter eggs to programs.

In other news, rest2web is nearly ready for it's first 'early [2] release'. It's very nice, and I did most of the docs in the design process. This not only helped me make my implementation decisions, but made finishing the docs off a heck of a lot easier. It does some funky things with relative URLs and so I'm very pleased.

I've been looking at a CGI based blog comments system that I've promised to write. Based on my guestbook [3] and logintools code it would be quite simple to glue the bits together. I usually use ConfigObj to store data in cases like this. I realised that it would be lot simpler if ConfigObj supported nested levels [4]. This means that ConfigObj 4 (a complete rewrite basically) may come a lot sooner than intended. It ought to be more compact (using regexes for a lot of the parsing), have a better error system, and support nested levels using indentation. Due to using regexes it will be slightly less flexible (probably support less dividers for example) - but be quicker and more lightweight. I'll keep you up to date of course !

[1]Which means the whole internet revolution has happened since 1998....
[2]early meaning buggy.
[3]I managed to mis-spell my own domain name in my comp.lang.python.announce post about the recent update to guestbook - heck.
[4]Sections within sections.

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