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emoticon:restart Sigh. Feels like I'm going backwards.

There's a very nice implementation of ConfigObj in SVN right now. But it looks like we're going to move away from indentation for nested sections. A section marker is indicated by [ section-name]. From the next version, a sub section will be [[ sub-section]], a sub section of that will be [[[ sub-sub-section]]], and so on. This (apparently) will be a bit easier on the poor old sys-admins who can't cope with significant indentation. It will still be awesomely easy to use though.

On top of this the new CSS layout still lets the sidebar slip out under IE. I'm going back to a table based layout again I think.

I need to implement tags and a gallery for rest2web, so I'm letting Nicola make the changes to ConfigObj Neutral .

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Personal Stuff

emoticon:fuzzy I know this is my techie blog - but I thought it was possible you'd be interested in a couple of 'personal' type articles I've put up.

There are two new articles (well, sort of three).

The first article is a prettier version of yesterdays blog - with some pictures.

Diving or Drowning is the second part of my life story (probably just one more part to write to get up to date...). If you haven't read the First Part then you might want to read that first. (Note: it has been converted to the new style, but was written a couple of years ago - it needs some editing !).

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Search a Force for Good

emoticon:globesearch Yup - it's a snazzy title, but I can't claim it as my own. It's the title of one of the talks from itconversations that I took away to Romania. I promised I'd report on the gems. This one was by Peter Norvig [1] of google - explaining how search was a force for good ! It's not too heavy on the technical side, but still good fun.

One of his premises is that if google saves you an average of five minutes every search (against looking up the information elsewhere) - based on their current search rate [2], google 'saves' the equivalent of 9000 human lifetimes every year ! Now in my experience, every time I get on the internet I end up wasting more than five minutes. I reckon google will be lucky to break even on that score.

Other good talks I got round to listening to were Tim O'Reilly - Radar 2004 and Joel Spolsky. The Doug Rushkoff one was certainly interesting, but some of his ideas are a bit way out even for me.

I didn't listen to as many as I would have liked because neither of the two mp3 players I have for my XDA (Pocket PC device) are capable of pausing and resuming in the middle of huge (15mb plus) mp3 files. That really sucked, and if I tried to seek more than a few minutes into the file they froze. I'll have to try a couple more.

I've nearly saved up enough to replace the aging XDA - which is nearly 3 years old. I love the combination of phone/PDA [3]. This doesn't leave me with many options to replace it. I'm likely to go for an XDA II [4].

[1]Who happens to be a Python fan.
[2]This was sometime in 2004 - November I think. I guess it's only increased since then.
[3]As it saves me carrying a PDA and bluetooth phone.
[4]XDA IIi if I can get one at a reasonable price.


On the flight back I've listened to Steve Wozniak - Gnomedex 2004 Part 1, and Robert Lefkowitz - The Semasiology of Open Source. They are both highly interesting and entertaining. Well worth listening to.

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Code Reuse

Very Happy It's been a good week for my code though. Someone is using caseless, someone new is using rest2web, and someone is using logintools.

Unfortunately, the logintools demo got broken in the server move. It might take me a week to fix it Sad . I've got to decide on whether to move server again real soon now.

Oh.. and FYI - there are some docs on and the new ConfigObj now in SVN.

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Crying or Very sad I'm back... I've done some code [1], written some blog entries, but work is far too manic too actually do anything with them yet. Hopefully the results will start to show soon.

For those of you who might be interested I've done a blog entry on life in Romania.

[1]Well - actually I mainly wrote documentation on my PDA..

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