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All Change (again)

emoticon:lighton Yep, it's that time again.. there has been another set of updates to the Voidspace modules :

  • Jalopy 0.6.0

    A collaborative website designer (CGI). It uses Kupu the WYSIWYG HTML editor.

    This update moves to Kupu 1.3 and the pythonutils 0.2.2 set of modules.

  • logintools 0.6.0

    A CGI framework for user authentication and account management. Add user login to your CGI applications with two lines of code !

    This update moves to the pythonutils 0.2.2 set of modules. logintools is now being used on another project and seeing some development work.

  • textmacros

    A textmacro system for adding features to docutils.

    This update makes it much easier to use (it now behaves like the script). Easily add Python source coloring, smilies, and acronyms (and much more) to ReST.

  • downman 0.4.1

    A CGI download manager. Present files for download and statistics (basic) about download rates.

    This update has a security fix and uses the pythonutils 0.2.2 set of modules. Also other minor updates. It also needs the updated version of cgiutils.

  • cgiutils 0.3.3

    A helpful set of constants and functions when working with CGI scripts.

    This update has two bugfixes.

  • copy2cgi 1.1.1

    A small convenience script to copy files and directories to a target location. Useful for copying files to a server directory for testing.

  • pycrypto 2.0.1

    I've (finally) updated the prebuild windows binary of PyCrypto (Python 2.4) to the 2.0.1 version.

All the best Very Happy


I've made this announcement here and posted it to comp.lang.python.announce. I've also updated a couple of the relevant entries at the cheeseshop.

Daily Python-URL have recently moved to a more automated system - I wonder if this stuff will turn up three times.. Confused

All the Voidspace modules and applications are available under the OSI Approved Open Source BSD License.

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Clean and Fresh

emoticon:dove I'd managed to futz up my Python install on Windoze [1]. I somehow installed activepython and the version. I then managed to put a version of 2.4.1 over the top. Much confusion all round.

Yesterday I uninstalled the lot and did a fresh install of Active Python 2.4.1 [2].

This gave me a chance to re-assess which extension modules I'm actually using, and generally clean up my site-packages folder. I've been through this before of course, when I made the initial jump to Python 2.4. It all seemed a lot more painful back then.

The C extension modules I'm actually using are :

  • py2exe
  • ctypes
  • psyco
  • pyenchant
  • pythonwin/win32
  • wxpython
  • PIL
  • Twisted

Hmm... not as many as I might have expected. Very Happy


Thanks to the fresh install I've managed to get the distutils hack working again. This uses the microsoft optimising compiler [3] to build extension modules.

This means that I've (at last) been able to build pyCrypto 2.0.1 for winows (Python 2.4).

[1]Don't laugh Laughing .
[2]Just as the first release candidate of 2.4.2 shows up....
[3]Which produces faster code than gcc - so there. Razz

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