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Python Projects

emoticon:python Sorry for the boring title. I'll just keep you up to date on a few of my projects (which is probably more relevant than my last post). Very Happy

  • ConfigObj - two bugfixes in SVN. I'm due to do a 4.0.0 final release.
  • pythonutils - As soon as the new ConfigObj is released I'll do a new pythonutils release which will incorporate the updated cgiutils.
  • logintools - A bugfix thanks to the help of some guy who calls himself ravendisplayed. I'm currently having issues with the move to my new servers (new login details aren't getting emailed) - so I'm going to sort that before I do an updated release.
  • rest2web - lots of progress on rest2web. I know I've said this before, but look out for a new release imminently.

I'm also doing a doc refactor for rest2web, which proves it's actually really easy to use. Smile

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Lots of Stuff

emoticon:noise I've just made seven [1] new entries in my personal blog.

I don't want to repeat them all here (even the relevant ones) - so I'll give you a summary :

[1]Update - eight now... phew

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Pretty X-Stream

emoticon:info My friend Justin has just released his mini-app X-Stream TV.

It's basically a utility that connects you to lots of the free internet TV and radio channels out there. He's put a lot of work into sorting out which channels are actually worth watching - so there's no junk.

He's selling it at £3.99 [1] from his website - a bargain I think you'll agree. Laughing

If you've not explored streaming TV or radio before, this is an easy way to get into it.

[1]That's pounds sterling - seeing as some encoding problem is messing up the pound sign. sigh

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