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Search APIs

emoticon:animals_cat For reasons I won't go into (all is not as it might seem) I've been exploring search APIs.

I first tried the google API - but found that it could take forty seconds to return one hundred results (ten calls to the API).

The Yahoo API can return one hudred and fifty results in between three and ten seconds (using three calls to the API).

It would be interesting to see how much of the time in the calls to Google are spent processing the XML returned. Maybe I should try again with the SOAP module built on ElementTree.

OTOH the Yahoo based search just works, so I'm not sure I'll bother.

The net result is that I have an experimental search engine that only returns results relevant to the UK Building Trade. See Building Search.

It has a domain list of some eighteen hundred plus relevant domains, and filters the results (plus a couple of other nifty tricks). Now all is not as it seems Wink , but if there is demand for this I could use a real open source search engine, and properly index the domains.....

If you have the patience to put together a list of relevant domains, the beta code provides a simple way of creating a domain specific search engine. If you want to see the code, you can use my funky new Contact Form to get in touch. Very Happy

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I Love Hacking

emoticon:torch I didn't manage to do a blog entry all week. Sad

This means I have several pieces of Python hacking related news that it's worth reporting.

I really love hacking around with Python. My latest hack is a contact form for my website. Ok, so it's very simple - but that was kind of the point. This one is very simple to use and configure, and can be used in many places.


Some of these posts have crossed the week line and appear in next week's archive.

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