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Stepping Back to Windows 98

emoticon:file1 Well, I never thought it would happen - I've just installed Windows 98 onto my machine. Laughing

It's fun watching all the Microsoft marketing about how great Windows 98 is. Rolling Eyes

This is in a VMWare Session for backwards compatibility testing of the new version of Movable Python.

I needed the help from this page on getting past the Missing Operating System problem. You need to set the boot order correctly so that it boots from CD after you have used FDISK to setup your (virtual) hard drive partition.

The new version of Movable Python is great - and other than testing on Windoze 98 the code is complete. I'm about two thirds of the way through the docs as well.

Movable Python had around three thousand downloads last year (well - 2005, still this year strictly speaking). I hope it doesn't disappoint too many people that this release isn't open source. There's a lot of new stuff though. The main code has increased in size by over seven times. Razz

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POP3 and cPanel

emoticon:envelope I'm administering a server for a friend. The server is actually a virtual server with Tektonic.

It uses cPanel so that he can easily add new domains and configure email for them. I prefer CPanel to Plesk, because cPanel incorporates MailMan.

Because we use cPanel, we run the CentOS distribution of Linux, which is based on RedHat.

Unfortunately, I completely failed to get POP3 email working. CPanel uses cppop - which is their own POP3 daemon. I found a couple of references on the internet to it not working, but very little actual documentation.

The whole point of this blog entry is really just to document that, in the end I got POP3 working by disabling cppop altogether (from the whm web interface). I then (via SSH) enabled ipop in /etc/xinetd.d/ipop (set disabled to no) - and all was well again.

I just hope this doesn't break anything else further down the line. Question

On my own server (debian), I just installed Exim and POP3 / SMTP both worked without any further ado...


I think the final result of this was that there was another pop service enabled in /etc/xinetd.d/. cPanel is supposed to handle configuring this properly. Disabling this got cppop working again.

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