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HTML, RSS and Romanian Cookery

emoticon:envelope It's not often I tangle with HTML, but every time I do I regret it.

The first was for work, autogenerating some tables. Did you know that the border attribute on the table tag is not the same as the border that you can control from CSS? Actually, you probably did, but I didn't.

The html tag attribute switches on and off the grid which surrounds every cell in the table. The CSS border rules control a different border around the whole table, you can also control borders around the individual 'td' and 'th' elements. I need to control both of these, and it is annoying that I can't do it from CSS. Although Javascript seems to be acceptable these days...

Secondly, I've been working on a website for my wife's Romanian recipes: The Other Delia. It's probably the only website I've created which doesn't suck. Smile

The only wart is that a font size of 1.2em means something completely different to Firefox and IE. This affects the width of the tab above the left column. sigh

Whilst we're on the subject of this website, I need a tool to easily generate some simple RSS. I'd like to create an RSS feed for the recipes, so that people can easily see when Delia adds new ones. I'd prefer a program to a library... Razz

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-24 00:13:49 | |

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IronPython Community Edition: Sixth Release

emoticon:envelope There is a fresh release of the IronPython Community Edition (variously known as FePy and IPCE), yaay! Cool

The IronPython Community Edition is an 'unofficial' (community) version, with extra libraries and packages bundled, plus some patches applied (including patches to the Python standard library to work with IronPython).

Changes in this release:

  • Updated to IronPython 1.1.
  • Huge improvements to AST support.
  • Support inspect.getargspec().
  • Pickle integration with .NET Serialization.
  • Platform module that can handle IronPython. (Anthony Baxter)
  • Implement os.access(). (Rachel Hestilow)


  • pybench benchmark (thanks to the platform module).
  • pyflakes code checker (thanks to the AST support).
  • wsgiref synced to 2.5.1.


You can read the summary of applied patches here at

New in this release:

Thanks to Seo Sanghyeon for his work on this release and the FePy project.

(Oh, and in case you missed the news, IronPython 2 (and the DLR) runs on Mono - but Slower than IronPython 1 on Mono.)

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-20 20:09:11 | |

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Fancy a Job: A New Project Needs a Developer

emoticon:acrobat I've been contacted by a large Open Source organisation looking for a developer. It is a new project 'similar to IronPython' [1]. Dynamic language implementation or compiler writing skills would be good, as would .NET experience (although the project isn't on .NET).

So, if you're looking for a new job and fancy working on a very exciting new project, then drop me a line and I'll put you in touch [2]. I'm afraid I can't tell you more about the project, as it is still under the radar, but there should be news soon and it is extremely interesting...

[1]They asked me, but as well as being very happy in my current job, I don't have language implementation experience. And yes, the project does involve bringing Python to a new platform - but more than just that... Surprised
[2]No relocation needed, so I guess it is a telecommute position.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-19 21:28:50 | |

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Python Documentation in ReST

emoticon:eyeballz Many people have suggested that the current LaTeX markup and toolchain for the Python documentation makes it hard for people to contribute to and maintain the documentation. Various things have been suggested (and even implemented), but none taken up yet.

Georg Brandl has implemented a new approach using ReST, "a readable yet extendable markup format":

Python Documentation from ReST

He has written a converter tool that handles most of the LaTeX markup and turns it into reST, as well as a builder tool that adds many custom directives and roles, and also features like index generation and cross-document linking.

I think the result is excellent. I'm a great fan of RestructuredText, and using it for the Python documentation would enable many more people to contribute. You can see the ReST source of the Python documentation using the "view source" links in the sidebar. Georg also has interesting plans for the online version of the docs, including:

a "quick-dispatch" function: e.g., would redirect you to the matching location.

Sounds good. Smile

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-19 21:23:28 | |

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Annoying (apparent) Subversion Bug

emoticon:home I'm using a subversion repository to store the 'source' of the book, as I work on it. This is an easy way of allowing me to work on it from home and at work, as well as collaborating with Christian who is writing two of the chapters (and helping me with others).

Unfortunately, Subversion seems to be playing up for me now, and almost very time I come to check in a changed file I get an error like the following:

Error: Commit failed (details follow):
Error: Your file or directory 'IPiA CH 02.doc' is probably out-of-date
Error: The version resource does not correspond to the resource within the transaction.
       Either the requested version resource is out of date (needs to be updated), or
       the requested version resource is newer than the transaction root (restart the


I can revert then delete the original, and then check in the new file, which kind of defeats the purpose of version control (as well as being damn annoying). I'm using TortoiseSVN, so I don't know whether the problem is with subversion (a hosted repository using version 1.3.2) or TortoiseSVN (version 1.4.3).

Deleting the local copy of the repository and doing a fresh copy, usually solves the problem for one check-in - but then it recurs. A clean-up doesn't help. Anyone got any ideas ? (The intar-webz is silent on the matter as far as I can tell.)

Lazy-web to the Rescue

Max found this (many thanks):

delete the file .svn/all-wcprops in the same directory as the 'stuck' file and try the commit again. I've tried this workaround a few times with no ill side effects so far.

When I say 'stuck', but I suspect something about all-wcprops not being updated when files are committed. Perhaps an OS-dependent file-locking peculiarity.

It works!

(svn up doesn't work unfortunately.)


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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-19 19:49:10 | |

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