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Resolver One 1.0.1 Released

emoticon:mirrormask We've released a new version of Resolver One, version 1.0.1. This release mainly focusses on fixing usability bugs, but includes a couple of new features and some performance improvements. You can see a full list of the changes at: Resolver One: Release 1.0.1 Changelog.

The important changes include:

  • Upgrading to IronPython 1.1.1
  • Added a UI to set the background color on cells/ranges/worksheets
  • New read-only Col, Row, and Worksheet properties on cells and a 'CurrentCells' iterator on worksheet (only cells that exist not all locations)
  • Performance and memory usage improvements, particularly when importing spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel format
  • BUGFIX: Paste/cut/copy whilst editing cells behaved oddly
  • BUGFIX: Paste/cut disabled in the codebox when a result worksheet was being displayed in the grid
  • BUGFIX: Various obscure ways of crashing Resolver One fixed

Resolver One is an IronPython based spreadsheet development environment. It provides a way of rapidly creating business applications (with full Python and .NET integration) through the familiar spreadsheet interface.

We are now working towards a 1.1 release (although we aim to do several minor releases along the way). We have some great new features planned for 1.1, but are also focusing on improving performance and reducing memory use.

Resolver One is free to try, and free for personal and open-source use. For more information and help on Resolver One, you might find the following links helpful:

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