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Ironclad 0.4 Released: Use CPython Extensions from IronPython

emoticon:clock William Reade of Resolver Systems has announced a new release of our Ironclad project.

Ironclad is a project to enable you to use CPython extensions implemented in C seamlessly from IronPython. This basically involves re-implementing the Python C API in C# (along with reference counting and garbage collection strategies that span the native code in the C extension and the managed code that lives in the .NET Virtual Machine).

This release comes a bit sooner than expected as William has got the import hook working. This means that after executing import ironclad in IronPython (2), you can import any C extensions on your path just as you would from CPython!

Here's the details from the announcement:

Ironclad v0.4 has now been released. Properties and (some) members on unmanaged types should now work, and it's now much easier to use -- by starting ipy.exe in Ironclad's build directory, you should now be able to 'import ironclad' and then attempt to import CPython extensions as you would in CPython. Note that they aren't likely to work very well yet, if at all, because so much of the CPython API is still unimplemented.

Our intention is that the next release, v0.5, should allow people to import numpy and do something incredibly trivial with it. It may be some time before we understand numpy well enough to achieve this, so we aren't in a position to commit to a release date; but we'll provide updates as we progress.

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Resolver One: Major New Release, Version 1.1

emoticon:music This release represents four months of work and includes performance improvements, new features and bug fixes for Resolver One.

Resolver One is an IronPython based spreadsheet development environment (fully programmable, object-oriented spreadsheet). It is designed for creating business applications using the familiar spreadsheet interface. Resolver One is free to use for non-commercial and open source purposes, and very cheap for commercial uses.

The new features include:

  • Significant improvements to performance and memory usage.
  • Cutting and pasting is now more "spreadsheet-like".
  • For the financial edition, we've added Thomson Dataworks Enterprise connectivity and a number of great enhancements to Bloomberg access.
  • Better coverage of standard spreadsheet functions.
  • Auto-indent in the code editor.
  • Comments in cells.
  • Many bugfixes (including several different obscure ways of crashing Resolver One).
  • Menu and toolbar item for unpacking arrays into selection (and repacking). You can use this to unpack any iterable.
  • You can provide a 'formatter function' for cells (or rows, cols or whole worksheets) which is used to format the displayed value in the cell. Very nice!
  • New 'Color' trait for the colour of text in cells. (Boring but needs to be there.)

The full changelog is surprisingly long. It's nice to see that we haven't wasted the last four months, even though progress has felt slow at times. We have a huge list of different things we want to do with Resolver One, plus different directions we could take it in. It is good that we now have some customers using Resolver One and giving us valuable feedback about the most important things we need to work on.

Even since cutting this release we have been working on cool new features. One of my favourites is the ability to create and manipulate drop-down lists from code as well as from the user interface.

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