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Resolver One in Italian and Resolver One 1.3

emoticon:exclaim Resolver One is the incredible new desktop spreadsheet application I've been working on at Resolver Systems for the last two and a half years. It is written in IronPython and is 'highly programmable' (with Python of course). It is a development environment for spreadsheet systems, making it easy to create business applications.

In particular Resolver One aims to bring solid programming principles of modularity, maintainability and reusability [1] to the world of spreadsheets. Resolver One is young (version 1.0 released in January), but it is already in use with financial companies in London, Paris and New York.

Even better, Resolver One is free for Open Source and non-commercial use. A nice result of this is that we have passionate users - and one of them has translated Resolver One documentation, along with parts of my Resolver Hacks website, into Italian:

Many thanks to Massimo Corinaldesi!

A recent change at Resolver Systems is that we have actually been using Resolver One... Now that we have real live customers we have been developing spreadsheet systems with them and for them, including porting tangled Excel based systems to run on Resolver One. Using your own application sure makes a difference to how you view it! We've split development into a core 'platform' team and a smaller 'apps' team. We regularly rotate positions, but the apps team has been a nightmare for the platform team with constant feature requests. It has brought into close focus the things that we really need instead of the features that we imagine might be useful.

One of the outcomes of having an 'apps' team is a new project codenamed 'Capricorn', built on top of Resolver One. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to talk about it, so I'll leave that for another day. It's pretty cool, as far as spreadsheet systems can be cool, and it uses Resolver One to its best. Personally I'm more excited by some of the things we have been doing to enable the agile development of spreadsheets. Again, that is a topic for much discussion (hopefully accompanied by a release) on another day...

We're close to a new release of Resolver One and Giles has just blogged about the up and coming features. The major focus of this release is practical features for spreadsheet development:

New features include:

  • Huge improvements to our startup time.

    On multi-core machines startup is almost twice as fast!

  • Column- and row-level formulae, using headers.

    So, for example, you can say that column A is "quantity", column B is "price", and then specify a column-level formula for column C to make it quantity times price. No more duplicated formulae!

  • An option to trigger a recalc, reloading imports - Shift-F9.

    Very useful when you're developing and want to be able to change the Python scripts you depend on.

  • Handling of number formatting (thousand separators, currency units, etc) when pasting.

  • New ContentCells property for Row and Column object.

    This mirrors ContentRows/ContentCols on worksheet and allows you to iterate over rows/columns automatically skipping headers.

  • Upgrade to IronPython 1.1.2.

  • And, of course, various bugfixes and minor usability tweaks.

[1]Along with nice 'side-effect' features like the ability to test spreadsheets, being able to use .NET and Python libraries in spreadsheets and embed spreadsheet logic in .NET applications.

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