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Try Python and IronPython Web IDE Updated for Silverlight 2

emoticon:avocado As part of preparing for my IronPython and Silverlight talk at PyWorks I've updated Try Python and the IronPython Web IDE to work with the latest (and finally released) version of Silverlight 2.

Try Python is a Python interactive interpreter that runs in the browser. This is ideal for tutorials and documentation, where example Python code can actually be tried in the browser. As well as an online example I've packaged a release on the google project page. This includes deployment and customization instructions.

The IronPython Web IDE is a simple tool for experimenting with the Silverlight APIs in the browser. It allows you to edit and execute code snippets, and is pre-loaded with several examples illustrating various aspects of working with Silverlight 2.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to update my other online articles and examples. I'm about half way through the changes and, except for one that I haven't figured out, they're all pretty trivial changes. I'll get them updated as soon as possible.

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IronPython in Action Early Access Version

emoticon:boxing_gloves The early access version of IronPython in Action has been updated. You can get the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) from:

The early access version is now the latest version of the full manuscript, but is still going through copy editing and technical review (Dino Veihland, IronPython developer, is the technical editor - which is great).

Changes since the last version include:

  • All the chapters have been updated to reflect changes in the world of IronPython since they have been written
  • Silverlight chapter updated for the release version of Silverlight 2
  • ASP.NET chapter updated for the latest ASP.NET Dynamic Languages Support
  • The chapter on embedding IronPython has been updated to the latest IronPython 2 API [1]

The example code for the book has been updated to go with these changes, and is available for download from the book website.

[1]Technically a slightly pre-RC1 version of IP2. The only change of note since then has been the addition of the Microsoft.Scripting.ExtensionAttribute assembly. Any other changes in the final version of IronPython 2 will be picked up in the technical review.

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Pycrypto 2.0.1 and Psyco 1.6 Windows Binaries for Python 2.6

emoticon:ir_scope I've built Windows binary installers for Python 2.6 for Pycrypto 2.0.1 and Psyco 1.6. You can download them from:

Next week I'm speaking at the PyWorks Python Conference in Atlanta. I'll be speaking on developing with IronPython, but because this is mainly a web development conference I'm going to try and focus mainly on IronPython & Silverlight. I'm writing my talk now. Smile

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