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Hardware and Software Clearout on Ebay

emoticon:acrobat It's been a fun weekend. On Friday I went to see Coraline 3D at the cinema (and I didn't even know that you could watch films in 3D in Northampton UK which is officially the middle of nowhere in England). I haven't seen anything in 3D since the red and green glasses of my childhood (20 years ago which is another reminder of how old I am getting). Both the Coraline and the 3D were awesome. Coraline is by the master story teller Neil Gaiman and is very entertaining.

I spent most of Saturday replacing the hard drive in my laptop with an SSD followed by going to see Star Trek. Apple don't make it easy to fit a new HD yourself, but it was worth it. A subject for another blog entry. Star Trek was great. Any plot that relies on time travel is slightly suspect, but even if the overarching storyline is dubious it was a fantastic cinematic experience.

And as for today... at least partly clearing out my hardware and software. It means I wasn't coding away anything from my backlog, or writing any of the blog entries I owe you, but at least I got something off my list. Anyway, if you live in the UK you should buy my stuff:

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