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IronPython in Action Second Quarter Sales

emoticon:bluetooth Tech publishing has been in the geek news recently, with a couple of stories making the front page of Slashdot:

  • Beginning Ruby: What I've earned and learned

    The author of Beginning Ruby wanted to make the ebook free. Apress refused and the author, noting that he still owned the copyright (whilst Apress have sole right to publish) says he would have no problem with his readers distributing an 'unauthorised' free ebook version.

    Interestingly the author says that his ebook sales are minimal; compare that with my figures below.

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain this to you

    Our very own Mark Pilgrim published Dive into Python with Apress but with the content under the GNU Free Documentation License. Someone took him at his word and got an alternative version listed on, much to the consternation of Apress. Mark takes the opportunity to put his money where his license is.

I wrote up my experiences of Writing a Technical Book for Manning and the First Quarter Sales Figures for IronPython in Action. Well, it's that time and the second quarter sales figures (and cheque) have just arrived.

The first quarter started in January (strange that) but IronPython in Action only went on sale in March, meaning that the first quarter only included one month's sales. That month included all the preorders from places like Amazon, plus all the people who paid for the book during the Early Access Program, so they're surprisingly high.

Thankfully the sales were enough to pay off the advance entirely and even yield an extra $2700 odd dollars, of which almost $2000 was held in reserve in case of returns. Sales in the first quarter were 2600 print books and 651 ebook sales.

Total figures for the second quarter (4 months sales):

  First Q. Amount Second Q. Amount
Domestic gross sales 1520 ~$35k 1662 ~$37k
Domestic returns (3)   (67)  
International sales 818 ~$13k 20 ~$250 (!!)
Print book web sales 329 ~$16k 96 ~$4k
Ebook sales 651 ~$18k 163 ~$4.5k
Subsidiary rights sales   $2,600   0
Total   ~$70k   ~$41k

Impressively, domestic sales this quarter were higher than the first quarter. As the first quarter web sales included all the Early Access sales it isn't surprising that they're lower this quarter; international sales are a bit disappointing though.

Another interesting fact, out of total sales of 4305 print books plus 814 ebooks. That's almost 20%. As we're giving away ebooks with the print book this isn't duplicate sales and and is worth around $2000 in commission. With the $4200 commission cheque for this quarter I think I'm now close to having made minimum wage for the two years work that went into creating IronPython in Action.

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Northampton Geek Meet

emoticon:pill Well, last night was the inaugural meeting of the Northampton Geek Meet. Nine geeks from around Northamptonshire (in the UK) got together in the King Billy pub to partake of the real ale and geek talk.

Attendees were a mix of programmers and other geeks including:

Plus a few folk who have the good sense not to be on Twitter... We're a ragtag bunch; a few of us who know each other from the London Python meetups, a few of us from Twitter, a friend of mine from university whom I haven't seen for 15 years but who found me on Facebook and is a .NET developer (doing some very cool stuff with micropayments and mobile phones), a guy interested in open source who found me via my website plus someone who heard about the geek meet from a message I posted on LinkedIn. This is the first practical use of LinkedIn I've ever found... Then there was Roger found us whilst visiting Northampton and using the 'find people near me' feature on his mobile Twitter client. I guess all this social stuff has its uses.

You can see us (thankfully blurry) and hear a brief introduction from us all that Christian recorded as an AudioBoo: The First Northampton Geek Meet.

The King Billy was great; decent beer, quiet and with a good lounge so the next one will be there too. Currently we're looking to have the next one on Thursday November 26th. I'll post reminders on Twitter, LinkedIn and the Python-UK mailing list so you've got no excuse for missing it!

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