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PyCrypto 2.1 for Python 2.7 on Windows

emoticon:clock Now that Python 2.7 final is out I've compiled PyCrypto 2.1 for Windows.

The new build is available for download along with the other binaries:

Unfortunately compiling PyCrypto for 64bit Windows (AMD64 architecture) is "non-trivial", so I am unable to provide binary builds.

I've also tried compiling pysco for Python 2.7 (both psyco 1.6 and psyco v2). Unfortunately psyco is not yet compatible with Python 2.7. Christian Tismer is aware of this and will work on it (for psyco 2 at least) as soon as he is able.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2010-07-05 23:23:47 | |

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