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Advertising With Voidspace

Voidspace currently gets around two to three thousand unique visitors [1] per day. That's up to one hundred thousand potential customers every month.

Voidspace has a pagerank of five in several of the sections six on a few pages. The number of visitors is increasing as I implement SEO techniques, and continue to revise and update the content.

About half of the visitors come for the technical content and open source projects. The rest are split between the other sections.

There are several ways that Voidspace can be an effective part of your marketing campaign. We can help you promote your products, services, or website. (And probably a lot cheaper than comparable alternatives).

Book or Product Reviews

If you have a book [2], game or other product, then send me a copy to review. I have two blogs (a technical blog and a non technical one). I can post reviews to the relevant blog. If the product is worth it I may also post a full page review.

For examples of my writing [3] see the articles page.

Some of the reviews I have already written are linked to on the Best of Blog page. As well as being archived permanently on the site, individual blog pages (a weeks worth of entries) get viewed up to three thousand times in the first week.

Almost every page on Voidspace displays a banner advert. These are selected randomly when the page is loaded. Around four thousand banners are shown every day.

Your banner (468x60 pixels) could be included. Razz


There is plenty of room in Voidspace to advertise or promote your products. Whether it's a blog mention, targeted adverts on relevant pages, or even a sitewide banner ad.

Advertising can be especially effective when combined with a promotion; like a giveaway. The word free is the most powerful word in advertising. Smile

Again, this is something I could publicise through my blogs.


I can link to your website from a pagerank five page. This will be a text link [4] with a small description. I usually only host one sponsored link per page.

Not only does this kind of crosslink generate referrals, but it helps build your pagerank too. Very Happy

There is also the option of a hosted, dedicated page [5]. This is a page dedicated to your site: usually comprised of several paragraphs of text with several links. This page will be linked to from several pagerank five pages. These can be much more effective for SEO and referral generation.

Text links cost $6 per month or $50 per year [6].

Hosted, dedicated, pages cost $15 per month or $120 for a year.


Voidspace has recently held it's first competition - to promote the superb film MirrorMask by Neil Gaiman. This was done in association with Noise Marketing. We gave away various film collectibles and posters.

To publicise the competition I did a sitewide advert (about 1200 pages). I also posted announcements to over twenty relevant USENET newsgroups and a similar number of discussion forums. These announcements were seen by thousands of people.

Next time, this could be your product being promoted. Offering something for free is one of the best ways of getting people's attention.

Companion Sites

Voidspace has a few companion sites that could also be involved in any promotions. These currently include :

(If you would like to become a companion site: get in touch.)


[1]With many more page views of course. There are public Traffic Statistics available.
[2]Especially Cyberpunk Books. Razz
[3]Some of which has been published in the online journal PyZine.
[4]No adult or pharmacy sites. Sites accepted at my discretion. Smile
[5]These are sometimes known as hosted managed pages or HMPs.
[6]Payable through paypal.

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