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Voidspace Services

There are a range of ways that Voidspace might be able to help you. These include advertising, technical services, setting up a website, or even just hosting your content here on Voidsapce.


Help keep voidspace online :


Voidspace Shareware

Several of the Voidspace programs are available as shareware. This includes :

For full details, visit the Voidspace Shareware page. They are all very low cost, with free demo versions available.


Advertising, product reviews and linking opportunities with Voidspace :


Cost effective text links, book reviews, banners and other ways to advertise your webiste or services with Voidspace.

Romanian Translation

Professional freelance translation, from English to Romanian, and Romanian to English :

Romanian Translation

Technical Services

Voidspace can offer a range of technical services; web hosting, website building, or custom applications :

Technical Services

Voice On the Web

Want to publish an article online, but don't want to learn HTML. Voidspace can help. I can also offer a permanent home on the web to Open Source or community projects :

Voice on the Web

Over the next year, Voidspace will have over a million and a half page views. This is mainly from technical viewers. To make the most of this, we're looking for a company to :

Sponsor Voidspace.


The rise of the internet has led many hobbies and social activities to migrate online. One of the most successful of these is online poker playing. If you're a card player, wouldn't it be great to have a profesional player at your side to teach you ?

Voidspace has teamed up with Pokerbility to offer you a free shareware download :

Your Own Poker Assistant

For buying techie books, science fiction, computer hardware or the latest gadgets: visit The Voidspace Amazon Store.

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