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Whilst Supporting Open Source Projects

Struggling with Python


Over the next year, the Voidspace website will have over one and a half million page views. About half of these will be in the Python Programming and Technology sections.

Not only that, but in 2005 the files available here were downloaded around forty thousand times.

We're looking for a partnership with a company or organisation. This will support the development of the various Open Source Projects hosted and developed here.

This is a unique advertising opportunity [1], as well as aiding and supporting the Python open source community.

What's the Deal ?

I am looking for a one year sponsorship deal with a major sponsor, alternatively smaller deals with several companies would be considered.

In return I can offer :

How Will this Help ?

I am working towards being able to free up one or two days a week to work on Python programming projects. A sponsorship deal will be part of this, without having to move any of these projects to non-open source licenses.

Open Source Projects

Projects hosted and developed at Voidspace include :

Plus many others modules and scripts.

The Weblog

The Voidspace Techie Blog is one of the most popular sections on Voidspace.

This is aggregated at Planet Python and regularly featured on the Daily Python URL [2] which is read by thousands of people.

The successful sponsor would be able to regularly post news and information via the blog, giving them a direct voice in the Python community.

Product and service reviews could also be done.

Traffic Evidence

You can see some of the recent traffic statistics for Voidspace at (full figures available for February onwards) :


Further traffic information (less comprehensive, but going back much further) is also available.

In March, Voidspace served around 200 000 page views.


If this opportunity interests you, or you have further questions, then please contact me by email or phone.

My (UK) contact number is :

Mobile (preferred) +44 (0)7731 383732
[1]Which will probably cost less per impression than conventional internet advertising programmes.
[2]At the timing of creating this page, there were nineteen entries from the Voidspace Techie Blog featured on the Daily Python URL site.

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